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A Bridal Shower Planning List


When planning a Bridal Shower it is vital to have a check list in order to help you plan your shower effectively. Make a list of these various entities and keep a reference of your completion. All of these items are extremely important in the process of party preparation.

Hosts: Before you begin your party, decide who will be your host. In most scenarios the Maid of Honor will do the majority of the planning and budgeting. If she is financially unable to do this herself, perhaps taking a collection from the other bridesmaids would be beneficial. Set a date for your party, and keep a timeline to help you remain organized.

Guests and Invitations: Probably most importantly you should create a list of all the guests you wish to invite to your party. Be sure to invite everyone on your list or you’ll have a very lonely bridal shower. Mail your bridal shower invitations well in advance to the planned date of your party so that those attending may schedule for it. Please don’t forget the important people in your life.

Decorations: Lots of people like to have a theme for their party. Choose one that you feel would be appropriate and then collect the necessary decorations at your local party store. Streamers, flowers, etc. will do. Also be sure to have plates and flatware to accommodate all of your guests.

Food: Decide which food items you would like for your party. Try to choose items that will please everyone. You can simply have snacks, or you can have a full blown meal. The choice is yours and everyone will be happy. Make sure you have enough food items to provide to everyone attending the party.

Shower Activities: This is a very important entity when it comes to having a party. No one wants to go somewhere to be bored. Make sure you have activities to do when you’re not planning or conversing. Interactive DVD board games are fun (like Scene It) or set up some karaoke. Whatever activities you choose, make sure they are appropriate and that everyone at the party will try to enjoy them.

Run through your lists before your bridal shower begins and be sure you have enough supplies and food for all of the people that you are expecting to visit. Setting up your party the night before will save a majority of your time and trouble before your guests arrive. It is also a good idea to make sure your home or at least the room you will be holding the party in is clean. Be sure to have all of your food items prepared before the arrival of your guests. Also be sure to have appropriate space for parking.

In conclusion, be sure you have a host, guests, decorations, food, and activities. Plan your party so that it fits around other people’s schedules and keep a list of all of the things you plan to do to prepare for your party.

For all your party supply needs, etiquette lessons, and organizing contact Mrs. Party (Gail Leino). She also has free bridal shower games, planning tips and recipes to assist you in having an exceptional party.

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