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A Bridal Shower Tea Party


Bridal showers are a lot of fun, but some people prefer something a bit different from the standard fare. Indeed, some ladies like to have an event with a little more polish and -- yes, class. A good option for these women: the bridal shower tea party.

Every wedding is a special event, and so is every shower. The bridal shower's purpose is to pamper the future bride before their life changes and goes in a while new direction. But often, the standard bridal shower is too expensive and too complicated to pull off successfully.

To create that more refined experience, and to avoid the problems that come with elaborate planning arrangements, the tea party could be your best friend. It will be something everyone will remember, and it won't bring nearly as many headaches or as much confusion. And if you want, you can even outsource the preparations of the event to a professional--so that you can just sit back and enjoy it.

What exactly is the history of tea parties? They come mainly from the British working clash. Historically they have loved relishing tea during leisurely breaks. This British tradition later spread to all classes within the culture, and later to other countries throughout the world. The tea party gained a reputation as a popular and extravagant event.

Most people at tea parties enjoy having a snack with their drink. Sometimes the tea party will include small snacks, while at "high" parties, heavy snacks or even a meal is included.

Usually, only top-quality linen silverware, teapot warmers and china are used at the bridal tea party, as they add a sense of grace to the festivities. If the party is a "high tea party," you'll want to use scented candles, fine silver and small dim lights, accompanied by mellow music. All of this together will serve to create an elegant, refined ambience. If you or the bride likes jazz, then perhaps hire a DJ to rock the party with current music.

Afternoon tea parties are done slightly different from tea parties during other times during the day. One suggestion is to serve your drinks and food in a buffet. For each of the various dishes offered, use appropriate decorations. Some suggested food items to serve at your afternoon tea party / buffet could include teacakes, salads, fluffy biscuits, sandwiches, sweets and some light desserts. And speaking of desserts, consider putting the bride's name on a cake as one of the dessert items.

Party favors for the tea party can be created with a unique flower and gift arrangement. Make the event even more memorable by including some games. Your games should be entertaining and fun and help people get to know each other and especially the bride.

You can include different kinds of bridal showers for the night. Also, pick any colors you like. It's your shower, so customize it any way you like.

If you're not sure where to start, do a search online for either "tea parties" or "bridal showers" and you're sure to find information to help you. So break out the good china and the tea & crumpets; its tea time!

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