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A Shower Centerpiece Idea


It goes almost without saying that most women want their bridal showers to be outstanding and flawless in every way. This is, after all, the event at which she will be celebrating her new life with the company of her best friends and family.

Because of all of the emotion and feelings involved, the shower decorations must be as special as the event itself. And one of the most critical parts of the decoration is the shower centerpiece. This centerpiece is what is placed in the middle of the room, or in the middle of the table around which all the guests will gather.

So what makes for a good shower centerpiece? The most important thing to remember is to find an attractive one which pulls people eyes to it, catches their attention, and makes them want to check it out more closely.

Here are a few suggestions in finding the perfect shower centerpiece.

1) First, remember that you can create a magnificent effect with the right lighting. Therefore as you buy the centerpiece, consider where and when you'll hold the shower. Some want to have evening showers out in the garden or on a comfortable and luxurious deck.

If you do choose to have an outside,, after-dark shower, this can work well with a centerpiece which features candles. These candles will produce a romantic, beautiful glow that will catch everyone's eye.

2) Another good idea is to have a floating candle for your shower centerpiece. By using a large container or basin with an arrangement of flowers in the middle, you'll create an unforgettable look. Be sure to find one that will fit correctly on your table. Then attach your floral arrangement holder onto the basin's bottom in order to get it to stay put. Then fill your basin with water. Finally, place several -- ten or twelve -- floating candles into the water. Once you light them, you'll find the look gorgeous.

3) You might also consider a bottle shower centerpiece. This works well if the shower features wine. You can then have two wine bottles in the middle of the table. Cover these bottles with a tuxedo cover and wedding dress cover available at most specialty shops. You'll find this to be a cute centerpiece, especially if you dress it up a bit. Encircle the centerpiece with wine goblets. Then using a pitcher, fill all of the goblets with water and place one flower in every other goblet with floating candles in the ones without flowers. Once done, you'll find an absolutely stunning centerpiece.

There are lots more centerpiece ideas you can try at your bridal shower. Feel free to browse the Web for suggestions or to ask some of the other bridesmaids. Remember that just because you like the idea doesn't mean everyone will, so get plenty of advice. With some creativity and time, you'll produce a centerpiece that nobody will soon forget

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