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Around The Clock Bridal Shower


There is certainly no lack of shower party themes but if you are looking for a fun-filled and creative theme, you should seriously consider planning an around the clock bridal shower. Most shower parties come down to the some food, drinks and a few games; if you want something different, an around the clock bridal shower may be the perfect option.

Wondering what an around the clock bridal shower is? People interpret it differently but the general idea is it’s a shower party that highlights the different times of the bride and the groom’s lives together and the gifts received would reflect this time.

For instance, breakfast time for the newlyweds would mean a breakfast tray and a teapot with an assortment of teas and preserves. Another breakfast time option would be a waffle maker. Another example using bath time gifts are bubble bath, exotic bath salts or his and her towels.

The idea behind an around the clock shower is to present the bride with a variety of gifts that will be used through out her life.

While the idea is simple, it can get a bit confusing to explain to the guests. Here is a simple poem that has been used on many around the clock bridal shower invitations. Use it to help you out but make sure to put you own spin on it.

We are having a bridal shower and it’s going to be fun
There will be lots of cheers and best wishes before we are done
A wonderful party for Annie, our bride-to-be
A reason to celebrate, we all know you agree
The times of their life is the theme of the day
This will help the new couple get on their way
Breakfast will be at home and for lunch, we’ll go to the park
Playtime and fun time will be from dawn ‘til dark
It’s important to fill each second, each hour
That’s going to be our challenge for the bridal shower
We do hope you can come over, we hope you agree
(Address of the house) is the place to be
Your time of the day is _____________


For every invitation you send out, fill in the time of the day; use different times so the bride will receive an assortment of gifts. Here is a small list to get you started:

- Beach time
- Dessert time
- Party Time
- Thanksgiving Tim
- BBQ time
- Cocktail time
- Quiet time
- Halloween time

You can also incorporate the time in other ways. For instance, the table decorations can reflect a specific time or season. You can use the kitchen timer to play games at the around the clock bridal shower. Set the timer for relatively short and random times while the bride opens her gifts. When the timer rings, you see whose gift is being opened and the gift giver gets a prize.

Another game is to create a collage of the bride’s life; this can include some funny and cute baby pictures, embarrassing school pictures, prom photos and pictures from her life with her husband-to-be. You can give the collage a name like, ‘The Life and Times Of (Bride)’.

Another game would be to send guests a blank piece of paper with their invite. On it, they are supposed to write about how they met the bride. Collect all the pieces of paper and make them into a book to give it to her.

There will always be some guests who have already made their gift purchases or they may have another gift in mind, which may not sit well with the theme of the shower. That’s okay too. Bear in mind that shower parties are all about fun…. all you need to do is plan a shower that everyone will remember.

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