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Bachelorette Limo -  Hiring One To Celebrate in Style!


A bachelorette party is an opportunity to be as crazy and extravagant as the bride wants – and the budget will allow!  From theme parties to destination getaways, the possibilities are endless.  One of the most exciting ways to make the night truly special and memorable is by renting a bachelorette limo – that is, a limo filled with the bride’s closest friends and plenty of drinks and snacks.

First of all, you need to be sure that your budget allows for a limousine rental.  Call around and find out what the different companies in town charge per hour or per evening. 

You’ll also want to see if your entire group will fit inside one limo or if you would need to rent more than one – keep in mind that everyone will want to ride with the bride!  Once you’ve determined your budget and numbers, you can choose the best limousine for your party – a luxe white stretch limo? 

A flashy Hummer limo?  If your group is big enough, you may even want to consider a “party bus”!  See if you can request a male driver, to increase the fun potential. 

When in the night will you want to have the limo?  If you are doing a two-part party – beginning with games and drinks at someone’s house before hitting the town – the obvious choice (and fabulous surprise) is to have the limos pick you up for a spin around your downtown, beach strip, or other seen-and-be-seen part of your city or town.  If your plan is to bar- or club-hop, you can keep the limo on standby as you make your rounds. 

Another option is to have the limo go around and pick up each guest at her home (first you and the bride, of course) before taking everyone to the site of the celebration.  This gives each girl the chance to make a grand entrance, wave and honk at neighbors, and basically extend the pleasure and excitement of seeing who’s already inside and getting a welcome glass of bubbly.

Speaking of champagne, it’s probably the most basic item you will want to stock in the limo (when you make your reservation, be sure to ask what snack items are included, as this can vary).  Not only does champagne or sparkling wine scream “party time!” but it’s also very forgiving if spilled on someone’s outfit – no need to run around all night with a large red wine stain on your dress! 

The same applies for snacks – whatever you or the limo company stocks, choose items which won’t cause a big fuss if spilled, like hard cheese and crackers.  Stay away from red sauces, orange chips, and spreads filled with green herbs.

To ensure the success and full enjoyment of the bachelorette limo, do be sure to let everyone know in the invitation about the dress code.  Keep the limo a surprise if you like, but if you are planning a fancy night out, let the girls know ahead of time so they can plan an appropriate outfit.

And be sure to double- and triple-check the beginning time and duration of your rental so there are no unexpected changes.  Finally, keep a twenty – or larger – on hand for the driver, who will certainly have an interesting time taking you crazy ladies all over town.



Houston Limo

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