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Bachelorette Party Decorations - Beyond Balloons

A bachelorette party, which is usually hosted by the maid of honor or other close friend or relative, is a special opportunity to reaffirm the female bonds that are important to the bride – as well as, of course, have a fun, often naughty-but-nice, night out on the town. 

Of course, some brides choose a more tame style of bachelorette party, and that’s okay, too.  One of the best ways to set the mood is by choosing appropriate bachelorette party decorations. 

If you’re having a theme, such as a tropical or Hawaiian theme, you should of course make your decorations fit the theme.  For example, if you are setting up a bar either in someone’s home or a rented local, you can put tiki torches on either side and let synthetic leis drape down the front.  You’ll also want a fun and festive gift/favor table, with perhaps a naughty tablecloth draped over it.

Party standards such as balloons, streamers, and strung lights are completely appropriate.  Not everything has to be naughty, though if you visit a novelty party supply store you may be amazed by the variety of items available. 

You can find huge door curtains with an image of a hunky male to greet your guests.  Obscene cake toppers and scandalous candles can also be found.  Even tableware can be found to set the naughty mood, with plates featuring images of handsome men or even other . . . things. 

You can also decorate with items that later become favors or gifts.  For example, pin several lacy thongs together to decorate the wall (instead of crepe paper).  Dangle fuzzy handcuffs from the light fixtures.  Make a condom wreath or arrange a plate with tiny packets of scented oils. 
For a truly memorable event, consider special lighting. 

From colored lightbulbs to twinkling Christmas lights (in red, of course), you can create a boudoir feel which will really draw your guests in.  Other ideas (for a larger rented space) would be a spotlight (for key moments), a disco ball, and even some fireworks. 

Your bachelorette party decorations are really only limited by your own imagination – and budget.  Give your resourcefulness and creativity free rein, and your celebration will definitely be a success. 

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