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Bachelorette Party Favor Ideas - Make Them Just Right


One of the best parts of a bachelorette party is playing games and participating in activities that are perhaps a little bit naughty, but always lots of fun.  When organizing a party like this one, it’s important to consider not only what games will be played, but what prizes, or favors should be given. 

A bachelorette party favor bag is a fun idea, as is having several surprises which are revealed and given out at different moments during the night.  When choosing the right bachelorette party favor, it is important to think about the game that was played, the tastes of the bride and her guests, and, of course, your budget.  Also, the bride may want to give certain favors as a thank-you for attending. 

Some favors don’t require visiting a special party supply store to acquire.  These include items such as scented candles, rich chocolates, and bath and body items like bubbles and scented lotions.  But, it is a lot of fun – and wildly inspiring – to visit a novelty store or naughty lingerie boutique for favor ideas. 

You’ll find items ranging from slightly improper to downright crude, in the form of shot glasses, t-shirts, toys, condoms, underwear – even aprons, whistles, and pens.  Sometimes it’s better to visit the shop first and then build the night’s activities around these.  You will probably want to consider mixing tame and risqué items so they don’t lose their shock value.

Do keep in mind that there are many conservative brides – and/or conservative families – who will want to have a party which is more subdued in tone.  For them, getting drunk, being manhandled by strippers, and being exposed to crazy novelty items are not activities which constitute a good time. 

For them, favors which are perhaps more romantic and sensual (instead of downright sexy or vulgar) would be best.  Some of the previously-mentioned ideas would be perfect as favors, as would be cosmetics, bite-sized candies or M&Ms, and even more generic items like personalized coasters or mugs.

Remember, there are many ways to incorporate bachelorette party favors into your celebration.  They can be given as prizes for games, handed out in a favor bag at the end of the night, or distributed periodically according to the activities you are doing.  

Just be sure that the type of favor you choose falls into the comfort range of your guests and in accordance with the tone of the festivities – and if you do choose scandalous favors, use them judiciously, for maximum effect.

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