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Bachelorette Party Food Make It as Fun as the Festivities!


The main thing we all think of when we plan a bachelorette party is the games that will be played.  While the activities are, of course, a huge part of the success of the festivities, planning out refreshments in the spirit of the party is also important.  There are many fun – and unexpected – ways to make your bachelorette party food nearly as entertaining as the games!

Since liquor – or some kind of fancy punch or virgin cocktail – is usually featured at these kinds of parties, it makes sense for each guest to have a way to distinguish her cup or glass from the others’.  For this, you can use different-colored penis straws (available at party supply stores) or even prepare each plastic cup with the face of a hot model or celebrity, cut out from a magazine.  That gives your guests the chance to say “Where’s my Tom Cruise?”

If you are planning on serving appetizers, consider whipping up a simple dip, such as a guacamole, tzatziki, or dill dip, with chips and vegetables for dipping.  Your diet-conscious friends (who are no doubt counting every calorie in every sugar-loaded piña colada) will appreciate it. 

You can even purchase serving bowls and platters with suggestive images printed on their interior – meaning that whoever gets the last scoop of salsa might get another treat, too!  You might also consider serving mini-wienies, sweet-and-sour meatballs, and all kinds of mixed nuts to increase the naughty factor.

If throwing a dinner, a fun idea is to serve pasta dishes – with pasta that is shaped like a penis.  Seriously.  They are available at many party supply stores.  If you prepare them with all seriousness, using an olive-oil based or pesto sauce to allow the shape to be seen, your guests will probably ooh and aah first – and then burst out laughing.

You can also design a buffet or appetizer option which features purely or mostly foods which are considered to be aphrodisiacs.  This doesn’t necessarily mean a table full of oysters.  Other options include truffles, bananas, chocolate, and strawberries (among many others).

Moving away from the risqué foods, a unique and considerate option is to ask the bachelorette’s mother to tell you what her favorite recipes were as a child.  Then prepare those recipes – Mom might even volunteer – for a relaxing, nostalgic dinner.  If you’re on a budget, or simply want to make sure that there’s a wide enough selection of food, you can also consider having a potluck.  Or, you can provide the main dishes and ask each guest to bring a dessert.

You can also make reservations at a restaurant, either in a private room of a larger establishment – or even basically “taking over” an entire smaller locale.  You can usually negotiate with management to offer a set menu or a reduced number of options to facilitate serving and keep the budget reasonable.

For dessert, nothing like the penis cake, which you can either have professionally made or bake yourself in a shaped tin.  You can also prepare batches of naughtily-shaped sugar cookies and give them to each guest as a party favor.  Combined with risqué confetti, a penis-shaped sucker, and a vulgar shotglass, you’ve got a whole goodie bag! 

As you can see, there are dozens of options for making your bachelorette party food just as entertaining as your bachelorette party games!  Get creative – and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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