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Bachelorette Party Fun - How to Guarantee Its The Best!

For guaranteed bachelorette party fun, you’ve got to play the right games.  There are many games you can play, both at home and out on the town, that will ensure that everyone has an enormously entertaining and memorable time. 

While at the bar, turn the tables on the guys, Mardi Gras-style.  Bring several strings of beads to the bar and offer them up to guys – they’ll need to raise their shirts or drop their pants, of course.  You can also make “rating cards” with numbers 1-10 to rate the guys as they walk by or dance with the bachelorette.

A classic bar activity is to give the bachelorette a special t-shirt to wear, adorned with individual lifesavers.  It’s called a “Suck for a Buck” t-shirt – guys can pay a dollar for the right to suck or bite off a lifesaver from the shirt (the bachelorette has to stand still for it, no matter how long it takes).  A variation on this is a candy necklace, where the guys can pay to nibble off a ring or two.

Another fun activity to do out on the town is play a drink or dare game.  Prepare a list of dares like “flash your bra,” “get a guy’s phone number,” “bring a shot to the hottest guy in the bar,” etc.  Each girl takes a turn selecting a dare – but if she doesn’t want to do it, she has to drink. 

If doing crazy stuff out on the town is not your thing, or if you are looking to pre-set the mood at someone’s home before heading out, there are plenty of naughty options for you.  You can play Pin the Macho on the Man (like Pin the Tail on the Donkey but with a picture of a hunky male and a cardboard cutout of a penis).  Another penis-themed idea is to buy a few wind-up penis toys (like chatter teeth), and have penis races.

A crazy but hilarious activity is the Cherry Game.  Ask the ladies at the party if there is anyone who would like to get their virginity back.  Once you have a few volunteers, give each one a bowl with a stemmed cherry in it.  Tell them that the first one to recover their cherry (no hands allowed) will be the winner.  But – just as they’re about to begin – take out a can of whipped cream and fill up each bowl.  Now it won’t be so easy!

A fun game which doesn’t require getting dirty – at least, not literally – is Mad Libs.  You can either buy these, or make your own.  To play, ask the entire room for “nouns,” “verbs,” and all the rest, but either demand that the words be dirty – or let the words be normal, but have the story be very suggestive. 

When you read the finished story, laughs are practically guaranteed. 

For real bachelorette party fun, it doesn’t matter so much what you play or where you play it, as long as you relax, let your hair down, and keep an anything-goes attitude. 

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