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Bachelorette Party Game Ideas Naughty or Nice?


Whether you are planning a low-key or exciting bachelorette party, it is important to organize activities that will get people relaxed, laughing, and generally into the spirit of things.  We have several bachelorette party game ideas, both tame and naughty, that will make your party a blast.

On the not-so-naughty end of the spectrum is a toilet paper dress design competition.  Obviously this game will be best played at someone’s home or in a rented facility.  You’ll need several rolls of inexpensive toilet paper, perhaps some ribbon and pins, and lots of space.  Divide your guests into groups of three to five.  Give each group a few rolls of toilet paper. 

In a certain amount of time (say, five to ten minutes) each group must select one of their own as the “model” and drape, pin, and wrap her up with toilet paper in the shape of a “wedding” dress.  The bride, of course, will be the judge of the winning design.  You’ll want to be ready with a small prize for the winning group (perhaps a sewing kit or tape measure), as well as take lots of photographs.

Another fairly tame idea is to organize a scavenger hunt.  Again, this activity will work well in someone’s house.  Hide objects and clues all over the party area, other rooms, even outside (if the weather is good).  You can give each team a different list of objects to find (meaning if they find something that’s not on their list, they should just quietly and sneakily put it back), or simply see which team can find the most objects total. 

If you’re feeling really adventurous, organize clues based on the bachelorette; for example, “What is Jane’s favorite color?”  If the answer is red, hide the next clue behind a red potted plant, with the last clue leading to THE prize.  You can make the objects themselves the prizes – such as small scented candles, lip gloss, etc. – or have a prize ready for the winning team.

Getting naughtier is to set up an adult pin the tail on the donkey with – you guessed it – pin the macho on the man.  You can buy these already-made, or else get a large poster of a male underwear model.

You can even blow up a photo of a totally nude model, if you like.  For the truly adventurous, blow up a photo of the groom himself – but keep in mind that if his sisters or mother are in attendance, they might find this a bit disturbing!  Draw a willy on construction paper (it can look as cartoon-y or as detailed as you want), and let each girl take a shot at pinning it, blindfolded, on the poster. 

The poor guy will end up with his “macho” all over the place.  You can also make several willies in different sizes and give each girl one, leaving all the “misses” stuck on wherever they happened to land.

There are many bachelorette party game ideas out there; whatever you choose to do, try to make it something that’s within or just slightly outside of the bride’s and guests’ comfort zone.  Don’t take anything too seriously yourself – and watch as the fun unfolds.

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