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No bachelorette party is complete without the right bachelorette party game ideas.  These can be quite innocent or downright naughty; the activities you choose will be up to the tastes of the bride and her guests, as well as the overall tone and location of the event (some of these ideas would NOT be well-received in a public locale).

One of the most tried-and-true bachelorette party games is Pin the Macho on the Man.  Hang a poster of a man – a model, celebrity, or even the groom itself – on the wall.  Make a “willy” out of cardboard or construction paper and give each girl a chance to try to pin it in the right place (blindfolded, of course).  Imagine the sidesplitting laughs as the poor guy ends up with his willy in the wrong places! 

You can also increase the laughs by making several willies – one for each girl – in different sizes and shapes.  Have each girl pull “her” willy out of a bag, and then compare and laugh.  With this variation, all the willies should stay on the poster as each girl takes her turn.  Of course, a prize should be awarded to the girl who got the closest to helping him recover his manhood.

You can also play a True Confessions type game where you write the first half of a sentence on slips of paper.  Each girl draws a slip of paper and has to tell a true story that finishes the sentence.  For example “The first time I had sex . . . .” or “The thing that most annoys me about my boyfriend is . . .”  This helps the girls to bond and sets the stage for inside jokes later in the night.  You can also give a prize for the most embarrassing or funniest stories.

A fun and silly activity is the Mystery Object game – purchase several small items, some naughty, some nice, and keep them out of sight.  Place one object into a brown paper bag and pass it around so each girl can feel it - but no peeking!  The girl who most closely guesses what it is – including color, in case of tiebreakers – gets to keep it. 

Also popular is the “suck for a buck” activity, which is less a game and more an ice-breaker to do with guys at the bars or clubs.  The bride can wear a shirt with Lifesavers or other candies pinned to it, or else a candy necklace.  Guys at the bar pay a dollar for the right to suck off a candy or lifesaver, as the bride squirms (or not!). 

You can also buy pre-made “suck for a buck” t-shirts which have different prices according to where the candy is located (the ones above the breasts are obviously worth more).

Keep your bachelorette party game ideas silly and light, with an “all-in-good-fun” attitude that ensures that even the most embarrassing moments or crazy tell-alls will just be a part of an amazing memory.

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