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Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas for Bride and Guests

A bachelorette party usually involves gifts and favors not only for the guest of honor and bride but also for the guest.  This means that you, as the organizer, need to carefully think about the activities that you are going to play, the prizes and favors you want to give, and what the bride will receive just for her all of which needs to either fit in your budget, or be contributed to by the guests. 

Here are some important considerations and entertaining bachelorette party gift ideas:

First is to give the bride a gift basket, filled with special and intimate items.  Unlike a bridal shower, you’ll want most of the gifts in the basket to be related to sex and intimacy, which can be fairly innocent or downright naughty.  You might include lingerie, adult board games or toys, aromatic candles and flavored massage oils, and tiny chocolates or other edibles. 

Another option is to ask each guest to bring the naughtiest or wildest thong they can get their hands on this thong can be for the bride (she might end up with one for each month of the year!) or you can use them in a white elephant gift exchange so that each guest goes home with something fun and scandalous.  Just be sure to put a price limit on these.

During the party, you’ll want to incorporate prizes and favors.  First, be sure you have a prize for the winner of each game you plan to play.  They don’t have to be anything major or expensive just fun or useful.  You can also make a favor box or bag that includes several small items (depending on your budget), like incense sticks, colored condoms, plumping lip gloss, a personalized shot glass, and a lacy garter the possibilities are endless.

Another special way to get everyone their favors is by baking a cake with charms inside.  A fun idea is to bake a devil’s food cake with charms evenly placed in the batter in rows.  After baking, carefully slice the cake in squares, with a charm in the center of each piece.  Each girl needs to cut into their piece to find their charm.

When it comes down to it, there are many bachelorette party gift ideas your only limitation will be your own creativity and budget.  Don’t be afraid to ask the other guests to make a small contribution, if needed.  And remember even inexpensive plastic toys and favors will make your guests laugh and enjoy themselves and that’s what the celebration is all about.

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