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If you are the maid of honor for a wedding, you have likely gotten the job, along with the bridesmaids, of planning the bachelorette party.  You’ll want to make this a very special night for the bride, not only having a wild time, but also affirming the bonds of friendship and family that bring her together with the other women in her life.

Who should be invited to the party?  You’ll want to include the bride, her sisters and close female cousins, and the corresponding individuals on the groom’s side plus female friends, of course.  You can also feel free to invite mothers, aunts, grandmothers and other ladies of the next generation up.  You’ll want to adjust your guest list to your plans and keep it “appropriate” for all involved. 

For example, you may start off the event at someone’s home, playing quieter bridal shower-like games that involve giving the bride advice and guessing about her and her groom.  From there, older and younger guests can exit the party and the more scandalous stuff can begin.  You can also mark the transition by changing venues and heading out to a bar or club.

As the host, you’ll want to plan on giving out as many favors and prizes you can during the evening.  These can run from matching t-shirts or tank tops to Mardi Gras beads, to personalized shot glasses and silly sex toys.  You’ll also want to be sure to have plenty of bachelorette party gifts for the bride, such as a veil made of condoms, all kinds of naughty underwear, a book of kama sutra, etc. 

And, perhaps the greatest gift a maid of honor can give a bride is the gift of a stripper.  Male exotic dancers will definitely get the party going, and entertain everyone not just the bride.  If your guest list is long, you may want to hire two to work in tandem..  Use some caution here, and your knowledge of the bride and her fiancée and instruct the stripper(s) accordingly.

You may ask the girls who are attending to contribute to the gifts for the bride by having them all bring the most scandalous thong they can find in the bride’s size.  In return, you (and the bride) may want to give them a useful item to take home, like spa slippers, cosmetics, tote bags, and other goodies.  The limits are really only determined by your creativity and budget.

The possibilities for bachelorette party gifts and favors are truly endless.  Make your own list of ideas, and then visit a few novelty and party supply stores as well as a sex shoppe or two and get even more inspiration.  Remember to tailor your gifts to your guests or the other way around and you’ll all have a truly memorable night.

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