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Bachelorette Party Girls Night Out

It is tempting for brides these days to try to turn their bachelorette party into a slightly-more scandalous version of their bridal shower.  DON’T.  Unless the bride has an extremely close, extremely open relationship with all of her in-laws, aunts, grandmothers even her own mother do not feel obligated to invite every female in her life to the bachelorette party. 

This event is generally for the women of her own generation that she is close to her best friends, sisters, and any intimate cousins or other relatives, or even co-workers.  The idea is to hold a bachelorette party girls’ night out, and bringing along people she doesn’t know or worse, doesn’t feel comfortable with is not going to contribute to her enjoyment of the event.

So, how can this event be organized?  There are many ways to hold a bachelorette party girls’ night out, and they don’t even have to involve going out (to a bar or club or other locale).  The bride and her closest friends can celebrate in someone’s home, playing crazy games, eating lots of tasty snacks, perhaps imbibing on their favorite drinks, dancing, and basically just bonding. 

An at-home party can be made even more special by the introduction of a theme, such as Poker Night or Retro Sleepover.  And it can be made even crazier with the presence of a semi-nude male dealer, a male stripper, or a “panty raid” in the middle of the night by the members of the bachelor party!

Of course, your bachelorette party girls’ night out can also be just that a night out on the town!  Perhaps you’ll get everyone dressed up and rent a limo, or head to Las Vegas for a crazy weekend, or simply go to everyone’s favorite watering hole or club. 

Keep the girls together with some unifying element matching t-shirts or tank tops, thematic dressing (everyone in black, for example, or dressed as devils or in 70s costumes), beauty queen sashes with silly names, a long-lasting tropical flower hair accessory anything can work, as long as you feel like you are together, and everyone else around you knows it. 

You may also want to “set off” the bride with a special tiara, a different color, or some Mardi Gras beads to bestow upon would-be suitors.

Be sure to hire a driver, or arrange for someone not in the group to get everyone around and home again safely.  There’s no worse way to ruin someone’s girls’ night out than with the words “would you mind being the designated driver?” 

It’s better to let everyone cut loose, and not have to worry about staying sober or missing out on the fun.  Even ladies who don’t drink may be very tired at the end of the night and would rather just go home instead of ferrying everyone else around. 

Arranging a driver is a simple and considerate way to ensure that your bachelorette party girls’ night ends on a content and safe note.

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