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Bachelorette Party Guide


Planning a bachelorette party but not sure where to start?  We are your ultimate bachelorette party planning guide, with tips on everything from invitations to activities to prizes and favors.  We’ll help you think about options you may have never even considered for example, have you thought about holding a destination bachelorette party in Las Vegas?  What about turning your bachelorette party into an old fashioned sleepover?  There are many ways to make your party unique.

What about choosing a theme for your bachelorette party?  Having all the girls dress up in 70s disco wear or as naughty little devils?  What about throwing a poker night bash, complete with scantily-clad male dealer?  Or tossing all the wild craziness out the window and just having a relaxing, intimate spa day with friends?  No matter what the bride’s style or preferences, we have you covered.

Not only do we tell you about themes, but we give you ideas on all the other elements of bachelorette party planning.  Who are you supposed to invite to this special night?  What information should go on the invitation?  We’ve got ideas on games and activities from mildly suggestive to wildly raunchy and options for prizes and favors.  We have suggestions on gifts, as well.

What about details like food, drink, and the bachelorette party cake?  We’ve got you covered there, too, with ideas for suggestive and aphrodisiacal foods, flirty and delicious drinks, and obscenely-shaped cakes and cookies.  No aspect of the party is safe from the bachelorette twist!

We’ll even help you with details like designing the perfect bachelorette party shirt, limousine rentals, organizing a scavenger hunt, and the most important pictures to take (and avoid!) during the night.  Don’t take a step further in your bachelorette party planning without checking out our helpful and informative articles first!

Bachelorette Party Articles:

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