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If you are throwing a bachelorette party for someone, the two of you need to get together and make own major decision will the party be naughty, or nice?  Once you’ve decided what kind of event the bride is going to be comfortable with, and gotten an idea of the guest list, it’s your job to plan out how the theme of the night.  There are many bachelorette party ideas out there for both the wild and the reserved kinds of celebrations.

One idea, especially if everyone’s doing okay on cash, is to throw a lingerie party.  Hire a consultant from a lingerie company and have her come in to the party.  She’ll normally bring all kinds of samples for the guests to try on (and model, of course!), which provokes all kind of good-natured laughter. 

Together with their catalogues, the guests can choose items for themselves and for the bride, as well.  Just be sure that, if you think the bride might make a “wedding night” purchase, that the event is held far enough in advance to allow time for delivery.

Similar to a lingerie party is an “adult” novelty party, where you bring in a consultant with samples and catalogues of adult toys.  It’s unlikely that any of you have a clue as to just what is out there.  Most people will die laughing, some will consider . . . and a few will buy.  If you and the bride’s budget can handle it, you might want to purchase some smaller item for everyone in attendance, especially if the consultant did a good job handling all your craziness.

Of course, one of the most classic crazy party ideas is to hire a male stripper.  You can usually talk with the stripper and set guidelines for what’s allowed and what’s not and with whom.  If you’re interested in a sexy male show but don’t want the awkwardness of having one in your living room, you can also get tickets to the nearest male revue (think Chippendales).

And, the easiest way to have a crazy time is to have a bit of pre-party action at someone’s house and then paint the town red.  Hire a limousine or shuttle (or at least get a designated driver who is NOT in the bachelorette entourage you don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun) and hit the bars and clubs with the highest number of single guys who might want to help you all have a night to remember. 

For a more conservative bride, you still have several options which will allow her to spend quality time with those women she is closest to.  These include hosting a fancy dinner or making reservations at a posh restaurant.  You can also have a potluck, especially if you’re inviting older generations of the families. 

Another enjoyable and relaxing way to spend a bachelorette party is at a day spa.  It’s an especially appropriate choice for the bride who prefers just to spend some time with her closest friends.  If you can all get booked so that you are doing your activities side-by-side be they pedicures, massages, or facials all the better.

And one “intermediate” option is to host a poker night.  Paired with some appetizers and tasty drinks, everyone will have a great time playing and teasing each other.  For added sexiness, you can hire a male dealer (wearing limited clothing, of course) or buy playing cards with hunky male models on them.

There are as many bachelorette party ideas as there are brides getting married and that’s the beauty of it.  The point is to spend time with friends and family.  Now, whether you do it in a tame or wild way that’s all up to you!

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