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You might think that, as the bachelorette party organizer, the first thing you need to do is send out the invitations.  And you’re at least partly right.  But there are some things you need to figure out first quite a few things, actually before sending out the bachelorette party invitations.

The first step is for you to meet up with the bride and have a fairly complete conversation about what her expectations are.  Who is she thinking of inviting?  Normally bachelorette parties are for her close friends and relatives not for the older generation of aunts, grandmothers, and parents.

Also, in-laws are normally not invited unless she is already close to them such as her groom’s sister.  The main thing is for her to feel as comfortable as possible, surrounded by people she loves and trusts.  Everyone else will attend the bridal shower.

The next thing you need to figure out is what kind of event she wants to have, according to her personality and what she knows about her friends.  Is she looking to celebrate at home?  Does she want some bar- or club-hopping thrown into the mix?  Perhaps she wants to go spectacular and celebrate out of town with a destination party in a vibrant city like Las Vegas or a secluded beach getaway. 

You do not need to hash out all the details in fact, you shouldn’t, as that is your job as the organizer.  But you do need to get a general idea of the tone of the event that she is looking for, as well as the date(s). 

You will obviously NOT want to hold the party the night before the wedding; in fact, you may even want to coordinate your celebration with the organizer of the bachelor party so that both groups are out on the town at the same time.  This minimizes the time bride and groom spend away from each other in the days prior to the wedding, and can make for some fun meet-ups later on.

Once you know the date and tone of the event, you’ll need to sketch out some of the activities and games that will happen during the party.  There may be one or more things you’ll need to let the guests know about in advance, and putting that information on the invitation is ideal. 

For example, you might be asking guests to bring some sort of wedding night/honeymoon gift for the bride these can be as crazy as fuzzy handcuffs or as sweet as fuzzy slippers.  If you’ve decided on a limo rental, you might want to let them know that the dress code is posh. 

Conversely, perhaps you’ve designed a bachelorette party tank top or t-shirt for everyone to wear, so you should tell them just to wear jeans.  You might have also decided on a potluck dinner or appetizer arrangement, or to have everyone bring their favorite drink recipe and ingredients.  All of this information should go on the bachelorette party invitation.

Now that you know what the guests must know the date and time, address, and special requests you can proceed to actually designing the invitations.  Try to choose colors and patterns which “match” the tone of your event dark purple, black, or vivid red for a naughty night on the town, or a delicate pink or ivory for an intimate spa day.  Just be sure not to give away all the surprises!

Finally, get those invitations in the mail as soon as possible (or email them, whatever works best) so the guests can begin to prepare adequately, purchasing necessary items, rearranging schedules, and getting babysitters, if necessary. 

And don’t forget to set a reasonable RSVP date so you can make your plans, too!  If you handle the process correctly, the bachelorette party invitation is your ticket to a well-executed celebration.

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