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Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording


You might think, if you are planning a bachelorette party, that the invitation is the least of your worries.  But, even something as seemingly simple as an invitation requires thought and effort to be really effective.  You need to be sure to choose an appropriate theme, design, and color scheme, as well as paper weight. 

You also can’t forget about any of the key information – and you have to try to write or select the perfect bachelorette party invitation wording, as well.

First, choose a card theme and style that matches the type of event you are holding.  Choose black or dark purple in an unusual or naughty shape for a wild girls’ night out.  Select a creamy or rose-colored paper with a traditional font for a spa day. 

One of the very first ways your guests will start to get the “feel” of the event is through the invitation – so take the time to give them the right idea!  You may also include graphics and other design elements to further reinforce your theme.

Next, be sure that all the basic information is there.  It is surprisingly easy to leave out important elements!  You’ll want to include all the wh- words – that is who (is hosting), where (the event will be), why (to send Jane off), when (day and time), what (to bring or wear, if applicable), and how (to RSVP, with contact info and deadline date). 

These basic elements can be listed separately from a fun or mischievous text, or can even be incorporated into a few rhyming lines.

If you want to include a special text, run a search on quotes on friendship, love, dance, or alcohol – you’ll find many quotes that could work for your event.  For example, this quote from W.H. Auden:  “Dance till the stars come down from the rafters / Dance, Dance, Dance till you drop."  Or, from Dorothy Parker:  “Drink, and dance and laugh and lie / Love the reeling midnight through / For tomorrow we shall die! / (But, alas, we never do.)

Another option is to write your own special text, which may optionally include information about the party.  For example:

            Before Jane and Mike start on their married life
            And she is not only our friend, but also his wife
            We want to celebrate the ties that bind
            And together at Rita’s, laugh and unwind

You could then follow the text with Rita’s address and the rest of the key information.

Keep in mind, when deciding on your bachelorette party invitation wording, that a bit of planning goes a long way in getting your guests informed and excited about the upcoming event. 

And also remember that even if handmade, original invitations are perhaps too much for your schedule or crafty talents, that you can either enlist a friend to help you, or turn to the internet for ideas, and your word processor for formatting. Many online websites offer bachelorette party ideas and usually have information about or even sell invitations so use them as a resource as well.

But we do encourage you to make the effort to start your bachelorette party off on the right foot – starting with the invitation!

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