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Bachelorette Party Invite - The Important Stuff


The very first task on your list, if you’re planning a bachelorette party, is the invites.  But, you can’t just run out and send out the bachelorette party invites without completing a few preliminary steps first.

Before anything else can be done, you and the bride need to sit down and decide, in general terms, where she would like to celebrate and what tone the event is going to have.  For example, she might want to invite an intimate group of friends for a day at the spa, with massages, facials, and pedicures. 

She may decide that a weekend in Las Vegas with enough friends to fill two or three hotel rooms is what she wants.  Another possibility is a sleepover with movies from your childhood and plenty of adult drinks and games.  She may also decide on a “typical” night out on the town, heading out with the girls to a favorite bar or other hotspot. 

The date should NOT be the night before the wedding, and can optionally be coordinated with the bachelor party, so that both groups are celebrating at the same time.

Once you’ve decided on the type of event, you can get a better idea of the guest list who should be invited, based on the intimacy and tone of celebration.  For example, teenage relatives may not be included in a getaway weekend but might enjoy a sleepover. 

She may also already know which of her closest friends or relatives might have to decline a spa day (due to work or other considerations), so she can have a better idea of the numbers. 

In general, female relatives, especially those of the older generation(s) mother, aunts, grandmothers and the in-laws, unless already close to the bride, can be safely excluded from bachelorette party plans.  These ladies are usually invited to the bridal shower.

The next thing you will have to do, as planner, is get an idea of what specific activities you will be doing during the event, and determine if there are any specific requirements your guests should know about beforehand. 

You might ask them all to bring a scandalous thong, either as a gift for the bride or for a white elephant exchange.  Perhaps you are going to provide t-shirts, so you’ll want to let them know they don’t need to dress up. 

You may be organizing a potluck-style refreshment table; if so, it’s good to have them plan on bringing a dish. 

Once you have determined all of these things place, date, event, and special considerations you can design the bachelorette party invites.  Be sure to give all the key information, without being too specific on the surprises you have planned. 

You can also choose colors, lettering, and designs that match the type of event being held.  A spa day invite can be in delicate, harmonious colors; a back-to-high-school sleepover invite would be bright and multicolored; a crazy weekend away could be naughty black.  If you’re feeling especially creative, you can write a few rhyming lines. 

Finally, be sure to get these invites in the (e-)mail as soon as possible.  All parties can require special arrangements on the part of guests, especially if childcare or taking time off work is involved, and you’ll want to help ensure that every special person the bride wants to see can be in attendance.

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