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Bachelorette Party Pics:  What (Not) to Snap!

A bachelorette party can be one of the most memorable occasions in a woman’s life – whether she is the bride herself or a guest.  This celebration is a chance for the women closest to the bride to reaffirm their bonds of friendship to her as she prepares for marriage – and also an opportunity to cut loose and go a little (or a lot) crazy. 

As there is likely to be a lot going on at once, and alcohol may fuzz over memories a bit, it’s a smart idea to take lots of bachelorette party pics.

First, with everyone having digital cameras these days, it’s easy to think that there will be plenty of records of the event.  But many people are not diligent about sharing their photos, and you, as the organizer, need to be sure that key moments are covered and presented to the bride. 

You can help make this happen by buying a few disposable cameras and distributing them among the guests – and then get them all back again at the end of the night.  This ensures that you will have at least some of the best moments on film.

What should you take pics of?  First is of the party area, prior to everyone arriving.  As the craziness ensues, the food is demolished, and the guests move about, the scene will change drastically.  The bride will definitely appreciate having a memory of how it all looked “before.”  A fun idea is to take an “after” shot, once everyone has left.

Other important bachelorette party pics include the bride with EVERYONE.  Take a few huge group photos, pair photos, etc.  Also be sure to get in a few of the shots yourself!  If you are using a digital camera, be kind and re-take unflattering shots, especially those where it is the bride who is squinting or not smiling.

During the party, you will likely play lots of games.  Get action shots during the games, and then pics of the winner with her prize.  If the prize is obscene, even better.  You’ll also want to be sure that in those activities that involve the bride being the judge (like a Carve the Cuke or Toilet Paper Dress competition), that you get shots of her with the contestants or with the items. 

Imagine the photo of the bride holding the winning penis-shaped cucumber.  Priceless!
If you have hired a stripper for your event, be very, very careful here.  You do not want the bride getting in trouble with her fiancée.  Even if she is being “good,” photos can make an innocent or semi-innocent scene look very incriminating. 

The best thing is to ask everyone to take a few shots when the strippers come in, and then put their cameras away.  If anyone wants a picture with a stripper during the fun, you can be the one to take the shot.  Trust us, the bride will appreciate it.

The same rule applies for the entire entourage if you are going out on the town later.  You are there as the bride’s closest friends and it is your responsibility to make sure that her party is only about fun – not about getting into a fight with her fiancée the next day. 

So get her into as many scandalous and risqué situations as you can (having guys nibble at her candy necklace or offer themselves up for a body shot) – but don’t photograph it.  Take pictures of everyone else’s crazy escapades instead!

A conscientious planner can make taking bachelorette party pics as fun – and painless – as possible, so that the entertaining – but not incriminating – memories will be around for years to come.

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