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Bachelorette Party Places:  Fun on the Town, Out of Town

Whether or not you are having a destination wedding, you might want to consider having a destination bachelorette party!  It’s a unique and exciting way to celebrate and reaffirm your friendships, as well as have a great time, and in style. 

There are as many options for bachelorette party places as many as there are names on a map.  You could even have an ideal spot close to home a nearby city, village, beach, or campsite.  But here are a few ideas that will likely get all your female family members and friends excited to head out and celebrate, no matter where in the US they are.

A great party-and-sunshine option is Miami, Florida specifically, South Beach.  This is in the spirit of the bachelorette party, as there will be plenty of handsome, single and shirtless men to gaze at (innocently, of course) as you lounge on the beach or poolside.  You and your friends can also go out on the town to one of the many bars, lounges, clubs, and restaurants and return to spend the night at a posh hotel.  Many hotels even offer special packages to bachelorette party groups, which can include free drinks, spa visits, and even passes to the hottest clubs.

The same vibe holds true for Las Vegas, Nevada although Las Vegas has traditionally been considered more of a bachelor party destination, that doesn’t mean girls won’t have a blast there, as well.  Besides the allure of the Strip, the casinos, the clubs, the shows (Chippendales, anyone?), and the deluxe pool accommodations, there are also many natural and historic destinations to visit.  You can even sign up for pole dancing lessons!

New York City is another popular destination for East Coast revelers, with just as much excitement as Las Vegas and an even classier vibe.  If you live outside the city, you can rent a limousine to arrive in style before hitting the hottest nightspots.  You’ll also want to select a luxurious hotel with pampering spa treatments and a year-round pool, if possible to relax and rehash the events of the night.

Or, for a more relaxing event, choose any smaller town that has something special to recommend it, be it vineyards or a huge pedestrian mall or a secluded beach or lush gardens.  Rent the nicest suite you can afford, make reservations at a recommended restaurant for dinner, or even organize a picnic or barbecue.  Play entertaining games, dare each other to do silly things, or hold a tell-all confessional.  The point is to spend your bachelorette getaway relaxing and laughing with your friends.

Whatever option you choose for  bachelorette party places   from a small private getaway to a no-holds-barred night on the town remember that you are making memories with your dearest friends and family, and reinforcing the bonds that have made you so close through the years bonds that will stay strong even though you are getting married.

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