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Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt - Some  Memorable Ideas

Planning a bachelorette party is always a lot of fun.  There are an infinite number of options in terms of theme, decorations, games and activities, food and drink, and so forth.  If you are willing to put forth some time, creativity, and organization, you might consider putting together a bachelorette party scavenger hunt.  These can be set up in many different ways, and guarantee a laughter-filled time for all the guests.

A simple “scavenger hunt” is to outfit the bachelorette (and the guests too, if you like) with special t-shirts that have a list of tasks to complete during your night out.  These might include challenges like “get a guy to buy you a drink,” “dance with a married man,” “get three guys’ phone numbers,” “take a shot with a man as old as your father,” etc.  First girl to get all her tasks checked off is the winner! 

You can buy these at many online bachelorette supply stores, or have your own custom design screenprinted for you.

An extremely practical idea for a scavenger hunt is to send the girls around in search of items that the bride will need after her honeymoon, to help her get relaxed and settled in.  These could include items like energy drinks, bubble bath or bath salts, ibuprofen or other pain reliever, etc. 

Every team should have a list with different items.  Keep in mind that this obviously involves an additional cost for the guests, and you should keep each team’s total as low as possible.

Another option is to spread the party favors all over different places in town, having the girls drive around to acquire each object, following clues or riddles that you set (if they are related to the bride or groom, even better!). 

They might first pick up their bachelorette entourage t-shirts (and change into them right away, of course), followed by a candy necklace (to encourage guys to come over and have a nibble), and then a little favor bag with lip gloss, a condom, and a perfume sample.  The final clue should lead them to someone’s home or a bar, restaurant, or club, where the next part of the event will take place.

You can also vary this scavenger hunt by bringing in camera, some crazier challenges, and if your budget allows, a few limo rentals.  Stock the limos with drinks and snacks.  Give each team of girls a list of landmarks they should photograph, items they should acquire, or challenges they should complete. 

They must document each one with the camera.  So, you might tell them to stop at a fountain downtown and dip their feet in, take a picture of someone at a public phone, or find an empty pizza box (these can be as strange, risqué, or crazy as you like).  First team back at the party or the bar or club gets a free round, or whatever other prize you decide on.

Organizing a bachelorette party scavenger hunt definitely takes work but if you can pull it off, it is guaranteed to be an absolutely memorable time for all the ladies involved.

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