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Bachelorette Party Shirt Design

Many bachelorette parties today happen in two phases one part of the celebration happening at someone’s home, with lots of food, risqué games, crazy favors, and (often) alcoholic beverages.  Once all the guests are relaxed and in the mood, they then proceed to a night out on the town, at a local bar or club, or sometimes several.  One of the most popular ways to show everyone that you are part of the group is by wearing a bachelorette party shirt.

These shirts can be designed or ordered in several ways.  We’ll assume that you are going to design your own and have it screenprinted.  The first step is to decide if you want your bachelorette party shirt to be a traditional t-shirt, a cuter fitted tee with cap sleeves, or a sexy tank top.

You will want to consider the preferences of the bride and her guests if you know that many would feel uncomfortable in a revealing tank top, then select a t-shirt.  The opposite situation may also occur if the girls are looking forward to a crazy night out, they won’t necessarily want to cover up their curves in a boxy t-shirt.  Make sure you get an idea of sizes, and order a few extras of each.

Your next step is to choose a color.  You can choose black or dark purple to signify naughtiness, or the bride’s favorite color.  Another option is to have everyone in the entourage wear one color, but the bride wear a contrasting shade for example, the group in black and she in white.  This helps set her off and lets those around you know just who is the bachelorette.

The shirt itself can have many different designs.  A fun idea is to create a list of “challenges,” which is printed on the back of the t-shirt with an empty checkbox next to each.  Ideas for these include “dance with a married man,” “get someone to buy you a drink,” “get three guys’ phone numbers,” etc. 

The idea is that the first girl to complete all her challenges wins.  But having them printed on the shirts makes it extra fun for the brave guys who approach your group, as they can easily read and lend you a hand with your remaining tasks.

You may also want to include a fun quote about friendship, love, sex, or marriage on the shirt, or mention the bachelorette’s name.  An example might be “Jane’s getting married on January three / So buy her a drink, and then one for me” (one phrase on the front and the other on the back).  A simpler text might be “Jane’s Last Night Out” or “Bachelorette Entourage.”  You might also include the date of the bachelorette party and/or the ceremony.

Finally, if you do plan on designing a bachelorette party shirt, be sure to tell the guests beforehand so they know what to expect and don’t spend extra time or money getting dressed up.  They may want to wear a simple camisole to the party or may want to choose just the right bra for a tank top option.  And again, you may want to call everyone and get their sizes so there are no drama-inducing surprises the night of the event.

With a little bit of planning, creativity and a sense of humor incorporating a keepsake bachelorette party shirt into your celebration is one of the best decisions you can make. 

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