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Bachelorette Party Supply - Here Is A Must Have List

If you’re planning a bachelorette party for a friend or relative, you already know you have a lot to do in the upcoming weeks.  These types of celebrations require all kinds of props and preparations, due to the games and other activities that normally go on.  What kind of bachelorette party supply items do you need?  Here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

HUNKY MAN EVERYTHING.  If you visit a party supply or adult novelty store, you will find all kinds of items with pictures of hunky male models printed on them – in various stages of costume and undress (think shirtless firefighter).

For example, get some napkins with a few young men in tight underwear on them, and the ladies will think twice about wiping off a stray crumb!  From balloons to plates to even party hats, you can find all kinds of handsome gentlemen to spice up your party.

If you can’t find or aren’t into hunky man everything, you can also choose girly colors for all these bachelorette party supply items, like pink or lavender.  If you’re planning a very naughty party, you might also choose black or dark purple.

Be sure to choose a way to set the bride off from the rest of the group.  The most traditional option is to have her wear an inexpensive “veil,” which is normally a simple piece of tulle attached to a headband or tiara.  You can also buy a devil horn headband as a way to let everyone know that, for one last night, the bride is going to be “bad.” 

Everyone else in the group should also be identified in some way.  You can make huge white buttons reading “Bachelorette Entourage,” give everyone matching custom-designed t-shirts, or even beauty-queen sashes.  The idea is for everyone else at the bar or club to know who’s in the group – and to help you out having your amazingly memorable time.

A final item for your bachelorette party supply list is a few disposable cameras.  While most people today have their own digital cameras, sometimes we’re all pretty neglectful when it comes to sharing those pictures or getting the prints made. 

By purchasing a few disposable cameras and having the girls in the group take any pictures they like during the night  - and giving the cameras back to you at the end – you can guarantee that at least some of the best moments will be captured and given to the bride.

Take a walk around any party supply store, and you’ll get lots of inspiration for your bachelorette party.  Some items you’ll want to buy, others you can make yourself – and they’ll all add to the fun and excitement of the special night.

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