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Bachelorette Party T-Shirt - How Make Them Unique


One of the most special aspects of accompanying a soon-to-be-bride as part of her bachelorette party entourage is having everyone at the bar, club, or other locale look at your group and know that you are in celebration mode.  One of the best ways to say “I’m with the bride” is by designing a custom bachelorette party t-shirt for bride and guests to wear.  This helps eliminate the “what should I wear?” dilemma for the guests just tell them to wear jeans and a camisole and is also a perfect memento of the special night.

A fun way to personalize the t-shirts is by having them printed with each person’s “nickname” along the upper back, jersey-style.  Maybe some people have truly unique nicknames due to past experiences with the bride, or they can just be the “short for” names they normally go by.  Unless the bride has a nickname all the guests universally call her by, your best option is to put “The Bachelorette” or “The Bride.”

Another idea for personalizing the bachelorette party t-shirt is by having people’s “titles” screenprinted on the shirts.  These could include their role in the wedding, such as “Maid of Honor,” “Mother of the Bride,” “Bridesmaid,” etc.  The ladies in the bachelorette entourage that aren’t part of the wedding party could have their shirts printed with the date of the wedding, or their own first names. 

If you’ve got the time and budget to do a little design creativity with the colors, a really special way to create your bachelorette party t-shirt is with the wedding colors.  That is, if the ceremony colors are blue and cream, choose blue shirts with cream lettering or vice versa.  You can also set off the bride even further by selecting a different color scheme just for her either the inverse of the colors everyone else is wearing, or a white or ivory-colored shirt (to “match” her wedding dress).

Or, make your t-shirt a little bit provocative and a little bit crazy.  Choose bold sexy colors like red, black, or fuchsia.  Phrases on the front or the back of the shirt could include things like “Bachelorette Party Entourage,” “Jane’s Last Night Out,” “He Put a Ring on It,” “NOT the Bride,” etc.  Other key elements might include the date of the party and then the number of days remaining until the ceremony. 

If you choose to incorporate a t-shirt into your bachelorette party plans, it is absolutely crucial that you get everyone’s sizes before the event, and have a few extras in each.  You do not want anyone feeling like they “have” to go out on the town wearing something completely unflattering.  Making sure you have the right sizes will help avoid a scene. 

And remember that it’s usually easier to fix a too-large shirt than a too-small one, by tying a knot in the bottom.  If a few girls end up in that position, perhaps the whole group can tie theirs in solidarity.  You can also choose to print tank tops instead of t-shirts; this look is a bit sexier, and also more comfortable in warmer climates or if the group is going out dancing. 

As long as you are considerate of the girls attending, it’s really not that hard to design a spunky, personalized bachelorette party t-shirt that will be a fun addition to the celebration, as well as a keepsake for the ladies. 

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