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Bachelorette Party Veil - Designing one to Remember

If you’re throwing a bachelorette party, one of the most entertaining parts of the event is going to be embarrassing the bride and giving her all kinds of special recognition.  One way to do this is by purchasing or making a bachelorette party veil for her to wear, thereby communicating to everyone else that she is THE bachelorette, and the guest of honor.

There are many kinds of veils both innocent and raunchy out there.  You can really pick anything you like, though we would suggest NOT choosing a penis veil would you really want to wear one in public?  Embarrassment is one thing; downright awkwardness is not.

You can also make a veil made of condoms (still in the wrapper, of course), by lacing or taping them together in a lattice pattern.  Again, you’ll want to consider how extroverted the bride is before choosing one of these options. 

Keep in mind that wearing a pure white veil provides a hilarious contrast to the crazy, decidedly UN-elegant games you’ll be playing during the evening.  You can also accompany the veil with a tiara, so if the veil gets too cumbersome later in the night, she still retains her designated-bachelorette status.

If you want to go beyond a pure white veil, there are many options (depending, of course, on your sewing and crafts skills).  You can decorate it with flowers, pearls, and hearts.  You can buy a red devil’s-horns headband and attach red tulle for a naughty-girl theme. 

This can be especially fun if you ask all the other girls in the entourage to dress in angelic white.  You can also do it viceversa have the girls dress up in devilish red and accessories, and make a veil with an angel’s halo attached for the bridesmaid.

Is the bride a country girl at heart?  Take a well-fitting cowboy hat and sew tulle on the back, making a hat-veil that is true to her roots.  You can do the same for a baseball cap if the girl loves sports.  For an extra-special touch, be sure to decorate the hat or cap, as well otherwise it’s just going to look like a hat with some fabric stuck on it.

If these options seem too difficult for you don’t give up hope.  Even though you are the organizer of the event, that does not mean that you have to be the creator of the bachelorette party veil.  Ask another guest, or an older relative of the bride with sewing skills, to help you out, either in the design, selection of materials, or in the actual construction of the veil. 

You want this element of the party to be a source of entertainment and remembrance for the bride not a source of stress for you!  So don’t be afraid to enlist help.

Whatever you choose, be sure that it is something that the bride won’t be sneakily trying to take off all night.  Keep in mind her personality, and respect it and she’ll have a great time being crowned THE bachelorette.

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