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Hosting a Bachelorette Spa Party


One of the trendiest and nicest ways to have a bachelorette party is by organizing a bachelorette SPA party.  This option is especially good for older brides who are not interested in a lot of drinking and risqué games, or for those brides who simply prefer a more intimate setting with the closest of friends. 

What are your options for your bachelorette spa party?  You want to make sure, first of all, that the group is small enough or the facilities are large enough for everyone to be together.  Having everyone split off and get their services in different areas makes no sense if the idea is to celebrate the bride and her closest friendships.

So, there are two principal ways to make this happen.  One is to have a professional masseuse, manicurist, pedicurist (or two of each) come directly to you.  Set up a comfortable room in someone’s home with plenty of chairs, footrests, ottomans, fashion magazines, eats, libations, music, etc. (it’s helpful to have a bathroom nearby and on the same floor). 

Each girl grabs a seat and the spa providers rotate around the room, providing a neck-and-shoulder massage, manicure, and pedicure even simple facials.  While waiting for a service, the girls need not be bored as they can continue chitchatting and enjoying the refreshments.

Another option is to find a salon or spa with a room big enough for all of you or willing to close the whole shop for your group.  Check with management before bringing in your props and refreshments, especially alcoholic ones (it’s not likely to be legal, but they might be willing to look the other way).

It is important to keep in mind that a bachelorette spa party is definitely more costly than a more-traditional party.  If you are the organizer, remember that it is not really appropriate to ask the bride to contribute to the budget for this event. 

Therefore, you will have to decide if you are willing to pay for everyone else’s services, or if you will ask for contributions to pay for part or all of the cost.  Our suggestion is to get a realistic idea of how many girls will be participating, and then approach the salon to see what packages or discounts they can offer based on that initial estimate.

Be a negotiator!  Compare package prices and ask the spas to meet or beat each other.  See if you can get the tip included, and be sure that is made clear to the providers.  You might also consider only asking the guests to pay for their package, and you cover the gratuity. 

Finally, do not dismiss the possibility of hiring beauty school or massage therapy students in their final year of studies, especially if you’re bringing them to your or someone else’s home they’ve had plenty of experience, and will save you a fortune.

From there, send out the invitations with an approximate cost (be sure to distribute the costs of the bride’s services among all the guests).  Once you get the RSVPs back, you can determine the final pricing, together with the salon.  From there, plan out your refreshments and other details, and your bachelorette spa party will be a totally relaxing success!

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