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Bachelorette Theme Party - How To Make It Memorable


Planning a bachelorette party is fun and exciting, no matter what type of celebration you are holding.  But, turning the event into a bachelorette theme party will make the special night even more memorable.  There are many ways to incorporate a theme into the celebration, ranging from simple color motifs to elaborate costumes and props.

One easy way to hold a bachelorette theme party is by designating a color for the night.  If the bride has a favorite color, everyone could dress in that color.  Or, all the guests could dress in white, and the bride in red or black (meaning that she’s the “bad girl” for the evening).  This helps your group get into the bonding mood, and lets everyone else around you know that you belong to the bachelorette entourage.

You can take the color idea a step further by turning the party into an “angels and devils” arrangement either the guests are angels and the bachelorette the devil (complete with halos, wings, horns, and tail, as appropriate) or the other way around (as with the colors).  Both arrangements send out a fun and flirty message either the bachelorette is a perfect angel (which will make all the guys want to corrupt her), or on her last night to commit wicked deeds (equally as intriguing). 

Another fun costuming idea for your bachelorette theme party is a dress-up costuming option that screams fun, such as Mardi Gras, flappers (1920s), or disco (1970s).  For Mardi Gras, each guest should wear sexy, colorful clothing and bring an elaborate mask to wear out on the town. 

You, as the organizer, can provide the colored beads which will be given out to the guys who complete whatever challenges the group sets.  You might give the bride her own special set of silver or gold beads.  For flappers, disco, or any other period costume, just encourage everyone to get as into it as possible (you will definitely want to send out the invites way ahead of time so they can prepare adequately).

If your bachelorette party plans involve staying in, a fun theme party is a sleepover.  All the guests should arrive in pajamas, with a favorite stuffed toy.  Food, appetizers, and drinks should be similar to what you would have had as a kid, with pizza, chips, (spiked) Kool-Aid, and popcorn on the menu. 

Rent some movies that everyone has seen before (80s favorites might be Sixteen Candles and Goonies; the 90s might include Wayne’s World or Pretty Woman) whatever you choose, try to make sure they have classic lines or handsome stars that get everyone into a reminiscing mood.  Play music from the same time period New Kids on the Block, Prince, and Jon Bon Jovi are all good choices.  Give everyone fuzzy slippers as a favor to wear and take home the next day.  And be sure to have some pancake mix and mimosa ingredients on hand for the morning.

Virtually any idea can be successfully used for your bachelorette theme party it’s just a matter of getting creative.  Whether you celebrate at home, or out on the town, it will definitely make a memorable night for all.

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