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Beach Bridal Shower Make It Memorable!


If the bride is going to have a beach wedding then throwing her a beach bridal shower will be the most appropriate way to celebrate her nuptials. A beach party has it all; festive spirit, fun, sun and creativity; you can turn it into an event that people will remember for long. With a little bit of creativity, meticulous planning and some hard work, you should be able to put together a lovely beach bridal shower.

There is certainly no lack of ideas for a beach bridal shower. However, like all other events, it is important to plan your shower ahead of time. To begin, carefully analyze your budget. If the shower is a gift, make sure she knows nothing about the real cost behind the event.

After you’ve finalized the budget, begin your thought process on the food and decorations. Since the shower is a beach theme, you want to go for decorations that reflect the tropics such as seashells, white sand, candles, stones and flower leis. All of these decors will resemble a tropical haven.

When you’re doing the invitations, don’t forget to mention the attire. The event will be full of tropical sunshine and bare feet dancing; you need to let your guests know what to expect.

Similarly, the menu also needs to be associated with the theme. For this party, go for a cool beach themed menu. Seafood dishes, refreshing cocktails and fresh fruits would make perfect food items.

For a beach bridal shower, it is important that you get the venue right. With everybody dressed in their beach gear and ready for some fun in the sun, make sure that the facility has adequate restroom facilities. If you intend to serve alcohol, find out if it’s allowed on the property.

If you want your beach party to be more dramatic, don’t forget to include lots of gifts. The ideal gifts can include everything from lingerie to household furniture, from a straw hat to a kitchen appliance.

On top of the bridal shower gifts, you’ll need to figure something out for the guests’ party favors. As with everything else, the favors should match the theme. Shopping for beach themed favors won’t be difficult since there are several markets that sell these particular items.


Don’t forget that you can get creative with them by personalizing them. You could also opt for candles in the starfish design. With party favors, the bride isn’t the only one getting a gift. Many of these items can also be used during the wedding including beach umbrellas, flip flops, beach bags, sunglasses any other beach related gift.

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