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Bridal Party Games: Seven Excitingly Fun Games For Guests


What is a bridal shower without any bridal party games? It’s just a dull, lifeless party that everyone has gathered to to celebrate the bride’s upcoming nuptials. However, if you’re the hostess and you want to liven up the party, make sure you add some bridal party games.

Seven Bridal Party Games Sure To Keep Guests Laughing

Bingo Bridal Shower – For this game, you will need markers, bingo boards and some prizes like candles, soaps etc.

You can start by creating or buying a blank bingo board. Each guest gets a board and they have to fill it in with the names of the gifts they think the bride will receive. Now, as the bride opens the gifts, the guests will mark off the items on their bingo cards. When someone gets a bingo, they win a prize.

The Thread Of Life – This is another one of the more interesting bridal party games. To play, you just need a spool of thread.

Pass the spool around so that each guest breaks off a piece. Remember not to tell them what the thread is for or how much they should break off. Now each guest has to talk about herself as she wraps the thread around her finger. The rule of the game is simple; you can’t stop talking unless you run out of thread. The person who manages to give the maximum facts about herself wins.

Making Memories – For this game, you will need scissors, markers, magazines, photo albums and pictures of the bride and groom.

The guests should be put in teams; each team gets all the supplies and they have to make a collage that revolves around a time in the couple’s life. For instance, dating, honeymoon, careers, hobbies, etc. The teams can cut pictures from the magazines to make the collages. When everybody is done, you can pass the collages around and the team with the prettiest, funniest and most creative collage will get a prize.
The Happiness Recipe – For this game, you will need pens, stationary and a box.

To play this game, each guest has to write down her answer to what makes a happy or good marriage. When everybody is done, all the papers should be folded and placed in the bowl. One guest will then take out all the sheets one by one and read the answers; some will be funny, some heartwarming while others may be pretty outrageous.

The World Chain – To play this game, you need a bunch of guests.

Everybody has to sit in a circle and start the game by getting one person to say a word that describes a wedding. As you go around the circle, each guest adds her own word to the chain and repeats the entire sequence of words from the first person onwards. Play the game till you go around the circle once, Very few people will remember more than 5 words so the person who can get the most number of words right is the winner.

Purse Treasure Hunt – This is a very easy and fun game; you will just need some small prizes. As the name suggests, the game has to do with the purses of your guests. Ask all the ladies to put their purses on their laps. Yell out the name of a random item such as can opener. The first lady to find that item in her purse gets a prize. Start with the simple and most obvious items but then go to the crazy things that normally wouldn’t be in a purse.

Honeymoon Rambling - To play this game, you will need some markers and some paper.

Each guest gets a sheet of paper and a marker. Have the guests place the sheet of paper in front of them and try to trace their right hand on it without bending their knees. One person has to record everything that the guests are saying. You’ll find that your guests are saying all kinds of things such as “No way”, “This really hurts”, “I can almost reach it” and “This is easer than I thought”. Once everybody is done, announce that what they said is what the bride will say on her wedding night and then read out all the responses.

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