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Bridal Shower Decorations - A Few Simple and Easy Ideas

Planning the bridal shower for your best friend may seem a little daunting at first but as far as the bridal shower decorations go, there's no need to worry that much. You may think decorating a large venue - no matter if it's at your own house or a public spot - is going to cost a small fortune but with a little preparation, you'll be able to achieve the desired look relatively cheaply.

Think of your color scheme - perhaps go with the bride's favorite color or the main color of the forthcoming wedding and decide whether you want to splash this everywhere or just want a main canvas of white with a little accent of this color in selected places.

Think about the taste of the bride, you're her best friend so you know what she's going to appreciate. Therefore use the things that she thinks are fun. Not every bridal shower has to be daubed in satin ribbons and damask tablecloths, there are cheaper options which will give exactly the same effect and be just as much appreciated.


As we said earlier a little preparation goes a long way. Visit the venue beforehand (this won't be that hard if it's in your own house!) and see what resources are already there to be used. You know you're going to want tables and chairs, glasses and utensils if there is to be more than finger food. Then plan the type of decorations that will go well in the room. Have everything that you are going to use at your fingertips so at the right time you can sweep in and decorate the venue quickly and without a lot of fuss.

• For decorations that make the room look more festive and cheerful, streamers are always a good option. Mix white and your preferred color and drape them wherever you think they will look good. Fan them out from central lights to the sides or swathe the windows and doorways in them. A nice idea is to use streamers and some helium balloons that follow the color scheme to make a sort of entrance archway for the guests to come through when they arrive. This is a little more ambitious though and would probably require some professional help.

• The tables will need some central decoration which is a good focal point. If you don't like the idea of balloons you could try a small vase filled with the bride's favorite flower or even simpler, place a bowl of fruit in the center. Purchase some large plastic bowls - ones that have a metallic sheen look very expensive - and give the guests a fruit option for dessert.

• If you are stuck for an overall theme to the bridal shower then perhaps you could take a few pointers from the time of the year. Winter time can produce the idea of snow, icicles and snowflakes (you could mix the white up and blend in a few flakes in the bride's favorite color too)while showers in the Fall can utilise the rich, warm colors of autumn.

• Prepare a montage of photos of the bride and set this up like a poster perhaps near the gift table so you may be sure everyone will see it. Document in pictures the way the bride has grown and matured over the years and also include some photos of her with the groom. You can even continue the use of photos by make small copies of some better pictures and spread them out on the table for the guests to look through during the shower.

• A slightly more expensive option would be to decorate each table with a cover of lace. This can look exceedingly pretty and if there are only a few tables that need decorating, would not be too expensive.
Bridal shower decorations don't need to be over the top and extremely expensive. Know your audience and prepare some décor you know they will appreciate. You'll be proud of the look you can achieve with a little effort and you'll probably have a lot of fun along the way as well.

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