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Bridal Shower Decorations and Tips for a Great Event

Traditionally organised by the best friend or sister of the bride, the wedding shower can be quite an overwhelming task to plan, pay for and execute. So many things have to be dealt with from invitations and guest lists to venues and bridal shower decorations. It does not however, have to be a costly matter. Here are a few basic points on how to make any wedding shower less expensive yet still the perfect party for the bride-to-be.

Venues and Decorations

When deciding on the venue, think about a color scheme for decorations. Take into account the bride's favorite color or look ahead to the wedding and co-ordinate your bridal shower decorations with the wedding ceremony itself. If the shower is not going to be a surprise, it's usually a good idea to consult with the bride on major issues so she will get the wedding shower she wants. The venue can be anywhere you feel comfortable in such as your own house which naturally will be less of an expense or a public restaurant - wherever the guests will be able to bond and have fun.

Guest List

Convention says only female family and friends may be invited to a wedding shower but nowadays, it is getting more common to invite a few of the bride's closest male friends as well. Only include those who an invite to the wedding so the bridal shower will be filled with the bride's nearest and dearest. It is a nice touch to color co-ordinate your invitations with the color scheme of the shower to create a sort of decoration continuity.

Bridal Shower Decorations

It may sound extreme but the decorations are really important at any bridal shower - they help create the overall atmosphere when the guests walk in and will make any venue look bright, happy and cheerful. Even so, there is no need to spend an exorbitant amount. Once you know the basic color scheme, you can purchase enough white table cloths to cover the tables and then decorate them with ribbons, balloons and perhaps candles in your preferred color. These do not necessarily have to come from expensive craft stores but are readily available at cheaper shops. Another good idea is to make some flower arrangements with the favorite flowers of the bride and position them around the venue.


Any food that is to be served will, of course, have to be planned well in advance. This way you can find out the bride's preferred menu and organise everything accordingly. If holding the shower at a restaurant, it is more likely the event will be professionally catered but, just like the bridal decorations, the food may be homemade for less expense.

Bridal Shower Gifts

Shower gifts are for the use of the bride herself as opposed to gifts at the wedding that are jointly for the couple. Go through the wedding gift list and pick out the pertinent ones just for the bride then send this amended list out to the shower guests.

Bridal Shower Games


Games are integral to a bridal shower. They help the guests bond together and many feature a large amount of guest participation. There are many types available from trivia orientated to the more physical kind and quite a few are available for free on the internet. Remember though, that both extremely young and old family members may be present so try and keep the more risqué ones to an acceptable level.

Preparation from beginning to end is all important but it isn't as hard as you may expect to keep the expense down with a bit of thought. No matter how much it takes the bride's reaction to the wedding shower decorations, gifts, food and games will make your efforts well worth it.

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