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Bridal Shower Menu How To Make it Delicious!


A bridal shower is the event meant to shower the bride-to-be with lots of love and gifts before her big day. If you are the bride’s friend, this event is a wonderful way to show her how much her friendship means to you. Given the fact that this is such an important event, you want to make sure that everything is perfect including the bridal shower menu. After all, you want the bride and the guests to appreciate the food as much as the other party arrangements.

A bridal shower takes a lot of planning and effort. This shouldn’t be too difficult if you are the bride’s relative or friend; after all, the look on her face will make it all worthwhile. No matter what time the bridal shower is being held (morning, afternoon or evening hours), you will have to put in some meticulous planning so the event stays fresh in the bride’s memory as well as the guests for months to come.

Two Ways To Pull Off The Perfect Bridal Shower Menu

So what makes a memorable party? One thing is for sure and that’s the lip-smacking menu. For that reason, you need to make sure that you carefully plan out the bridal shower menu. There are two ways to go about the food arrangements:

- You can either have buffet style dining. This is where everybody can simply line up and serve herself.
- You could go for a more formal sit down version where everybody takes her seat around the bride to be.

If you want to go for something chic, a tea party may also be appropriate.

Since you will be planning the event for at least a dozen people, you may want to give consideration to your budget as well. After all, you need a fair idea of how much money you are going to spend and wish to spend, all of this to help you make the appropriate decoration and bridal shower menu arrangements. There is a lot that goes into planning a perfect bridal shower; don’t spend all your money on the food and décor.

Incorporate Your Theme Into The Food Menu

You will also need to decide on the theme of the party. After all, everything from the food to the flowers will revolve around the theme of the party; it is important to have a clear idea about it from the beginning. You can use the traditional bridal theme or you could get a bit adventurous with them such as holding a garden party, beach party, spa party, lingerie party and the princess themed party. If you want you, you can create your own theme.

Get Allergy Information Of Your Guests and The Bride

Take your time when it comes to deciding the bridal shower menu. You will need to implement the theme into the menu. An important point is to take the bride’s preference and the guests’ allergy information. Once you have this information, planning the menu should be fairly easy.

Finger Food On The Menu

Finger foods are always a hit with the guests. They will ensure that your guests don’t have to be seated in one place, which means the party will be livelier. Good finger foods include tortilla chips with salsa, vegetables and dips, cheese sticks, mini sandwiches, etc.

For the main course, nothing works better than pasta. The innumerable types of pastas will make it easy for you to accommodate guests with all sorts of eating preferences. You can go for vegetarian pasta or a seafood version.

Cake On The Bridal Shower Menu

If it’s a bridal shower, the menu has to include cake. There are several cake shops that cater to bridal showers; all you need to do is hop into one of the shops and discuss the cake design.

Bridal showers take a lot of planning and hard work. However, to see the smile on the precious bride’s face makes it all worthwhile.

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