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Bridal Shower Party Games - 6 For Guests To Play

It doesn’t matter how well your guests know each other and how many you have, you should always incorporate some bridal shower party games to keep them entertained. Ideally, you may want to go for a mixture of icebreakers and other fun bridal shower party games.

Written games are just too formal so keep these off your list. Instead, go for games that have the guests yelling out answers. Make sure you play some music too. Avoid games that touch on personal topics and are embarrassing for the bride and guests.

Here is a list of some bridal shower party games that you could play with your guests

Bride’s Words - This is an “Adult only” game so make sure there are no kids around. When the bride opens her gifts, write down everything she says as she does… without her knowledge. After she is done opening all the gifts, announce to the guests that this is how she will describe her wedding night and read out her comments.

What’s Next - For this game, you will need to draw up a list of some popular phrases and quotes. To start, you read the beginning of the quote and let the guests complete the rest of it. For example, you could say a ‘stitch in time’ and somebody will call out ‘saves nine’. The person that gets the most number of correct answers wins.

Spice Guess - For this game, the guests will have to figure out the name of the spice by tasting it. Put some spices in unmarked containers and let each guest taste a bit of each. The guest with the most number of correct answers wins.

Advice Galore - For this game, have all the guests sit in a circle. Each guest has to tell everybody about the best and the worst advice that they have received from their mother and grandmother. Write down all the advices… the good and bad ones. At the end of the game, the guests vote for the best and the worst advice. The winner of the best advice gets a prize.

Clothespin Game – There is only one rule for this game and that is no one can say the word “Bride” throughout the event. Make sure to hand guests a clothespin as soon as they enter the venue. If a guest hears another guest using the word buzzword “bride”, she gets to keep the clothespin of the buzzed guest. Bear in mind that you can use any word besides “bride”. The guest who has the most clothespins at the end wins the game.

The Memory Game – This bridal shower party game will test the memory of your guests. Put at least 15 to 20 wedding related items on a tray and cover them with a tissue or a piece of cloth. All the guests are supposed to sit in a circle and the tray is placed in the center for two to three minutes without the cover. Recover the tray and take it away. Each guest should them write down, as many as they can remember seeing. The guest with the most correct answers wins the game.

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