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Bridal Shower Pictures Make An Unusual but Special Gift


If you are hosting a bridal shower that you want to be memorable, make sure that you get lots of bridal shower pictures. After all, you want wonderful memories that can be cherished forever. To get started, save a copy of the bridal shower invitation; you’ll need it to make your gift.

The moment you begin planning and putting together your preparations, begin taking photos. This can include taking a picture of the bridesmaids sitting around the table, fussing over what needs to be done and what shouldn’t be used.

Take a few pictures of the decoration spree. You’ll need more than one roll of film for this. If you’ve got a digital camera, you can choose which pictures to keep as you are taking them and delete the ones you don’t want.

Don’t forget the camera on the day of the party. You’ll need it for when the bride-to-be shows up. After all, you want to capture her emotion as she sees what all her female friends, relatives and co-workers have done for her. You’ll need to capture guests as they walk into the room, get food and more. You’ll also want to get pictures of the bride when she opens her gifts and other various things of the event.

Once you have a sizeable number of bridal shower pictures, hold on to them. Right after the newlyweds go away on their honeymoon, gather some good wedding pictures and make a picture book of the entire shower and wedding for the bride as her “welcome back home” gift.

In the book, you’ll need to begin with the shower invitation. Next, place bridal shower pictures in the book followed by wedding pictures. Finalize it with a very empty spots so that she can add to it as her life with her new husband rolls on. It will be a wonderful and personalized gift that the bride will cherish for years to come.

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