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Bridal Shower Trivia Games - Quick, Easy and Fun


Organising a bridal shower can be quite overwhelming, even after arranging the guest list, the venue and every other detail; you're still left with the nightmare of what games to play. Obviously, the games need to have a high level of guest participation and, as you can imagine, there are many different ones you can pick but if you are in a hurry then fun, trivia games always prove to be a good option. These are really easy to prepare and the guests can get involved in them as much, or as little, as they want.


You'll find bridal shower trivia games don't need any fancy props or expensive additions, so long as you have some questions, paper and pencils for the guests and a few prizes for those who win, you won't go far wrong. In fact, these types of games are a godsend for the organiser who has left things to the last minute.

There's nothing worse than having to entertain the early birds while the rest of the guests slowly arrive but a trivia game will keep everyone occupied leaving you able to do all the other vital things you haven't yet got round to!


Bridal shower trivia games can be about anything. You can think up pertinent, fun questions about the bride and groom, their families, how they met and so on or you can stay away from the more personal and just ask some general knowledge. Whichever you decide on, here are a few tips:


There are a whole range of questions you can make up concerning the bride such as finding out her favorite color, movie or food. Topics can go from the mundane, every day sort of theme to a little more risqué (as long as the bride is happy with this…). At times when a question is really hard, go for a multiple choice option and give a few outlandish answers to keep the guests entertained and laughing.


What's good enough for the bride holds fast for the groom as well. You can easily find out answers from the groom's mother or close relations and this will involve both families in the fun.


Everyone at the bridal shower is most likely to be at the wedding too, so you could pose some questions about this like how many bridesmaids will there be, who is the best man and how many tiers will the wedding cake have. There is a wealth of trivia to be had on this topic and it is ideal for a last minute planner.


The bride can provide the most of the answers for these types of questions and if she knows about the shower then the two of you can prepare for the party well in advance. If, however, it's a surprise shower then you can still get a few quick answers from her after she has arrived and the celebration is in full swing.


A bridal shower trivia game is really 'open season' on any topic. You want guest participation from both families and these topics will draw in everyone. If there's no time to find answers from the bride then include general knowledge subjects.


These can still relate to the forthcoming nuptials if including topics that interest both the bride and her husband-to-be. At this point it is inevitable that innuendo and double entendre will creep into some of the answers but try to keep it at a sensible level as some older members of both families may be easily offended!


Such games are so simple to prepare, you can create a set of questions beforehand and then photocopy it so each guest can be given a sheet as they arrive. Make sure all the pens you make available actually work and then let the guests answer the questions in their own time. This leaves you free to ask the bride the answers (if her party is a surprise) and arrange for the gifts to be opened.


By this time even late arrivals will have had time to play and then everyone can join in when the answers are finally revealed. It's obvious why bridal shower trivia games are the perfect option when you want to provide a wonderful shower but your planning is a bit last minute.


Showers are celebratory events that can create happy and treasured memories and trivia games, as well as being simple to organise, will also help bond the guests into one happy family.

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