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Bridal Shower Wishing Well

If all the items on the bridal registry have been purchased and you’ve got your own personal gift, you may think there’s still something that needs to be given to the bride. Why not a bridal shower wishing well? What’s this? A bridal shower wishing well includes all the gifts that couldn’t be listed on the registry in the first place. It’s easy to do and pull off.

How To Pull Off A Bridal Shower Wishing Well

To pull it off, you’ll need to ask the guests to bring a small inexpensive extra gift for the well. These should not have nametags on them, as they should remain anonymous. These gifts will ensure that the bride and groom will have most, not all, of the gifts they need to embark on their lives together as man and wife. There is normally a theme to the wishing well, which just adds to the fun of the event.

If you plan to do a bridal shower wishing well, make sure guests know about it ahead of time, preferably on the invitations. This allows everyone to get involved and join in on the fun. Make sure to go with a theme such as a kitchen, bed and bath or honeymoon theme.

What To Use For Your Wishing Well

You’ll need a very large container or pot for the extra gifts to go in as everyone shows up. What you use is up to you but it should also reflect the theme of the wishing well or theme of the bridal shower. Size is not all that important; even if you cannot get the guests to accommodate all their gifts in the container, they can always be placed around it.

Since, the wishing well will be a focal point of your event, make sure that you choose a separate area for it. Decorate the area with items that match the theme. Next, identify the area with a sign. You can use a poster board and color markers to make a sign that says, ‘Bride’s Wishing Well’

Be sure you let all the guests know the theme of the wishing well on the invitations. This will help them to know what secondary gift to purchase.

Finally, add your gift to the bridal shower wishing well and enjoy the happiness on the face of the bride.

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