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Bridal Shower Bingo Let Have Some Fun!

Many people know that a bridal shower is a traditional event held to honor the bride and to celebrate her big day with her closest female friends and relatives. Normally, the maid of honor typically organizes a bridal shower; however, it’s not uncommon for it to be organized by the bridesmaids.


Bridal shower events have roots going back to Belgium and it wasn’t until the 19th century that the tradition made its way into the United States. From then on, various forms of the tradition can be seen around the world.

It’s the prefect opportunity for the bride to see her female friends before the wedding but a lot more can happen at this event. Bridal showers will normally include food, drinks, party favors, gifts, and a variety of party games. For the adventurous and naughty souls, it can also include a male strip show. The games normally have a wedding or bridal theme to them. One such game, which is a bridal spin on an old favorite, is bridal shower bingo.

What’s the difference between traditional bingo and bridal shower bingo? Not much really other than the card will have words or phrases on them instead of numbers. All the words and/ or phrases should have a bridal or wedding theme.

How can you get these bingo cards? Actually, that’s easy. Many bridal shops will sell these special bingo cards but the majority of people will get creative and design their own set (it’s cheaper too). All you need to do is design the cards via your computer and print them out. Many websites offer free downloadable bridal shower bingo cards. If you are making your own cards, use the bingo card creator program to assist you.

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