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Bridal showers are an exciting time not only for the bride, but also for you and your mutual friends. The look on her face when she sees the surprise (or not so surprise) shower you planned so carefully for her is priceless, but sometimes deciding what to plan is difficult. How do you make the party fun without relying on a bunch of wedding clichés or games everyone's expecting, but dreading? How do you make the day memorable without breaking the budget?

One way to keep the shower original and affordable is to make the decorations yourself. Design a thematic table centerpiece with individual place cards, but make it with an interesting substance, such as fruit or candy. Adding personal touches shows how much you care for the bride and the guests.

Just because you're celebrating a joyous occasion doesn't mean you have to splurge or go overboard with decoration. Most of the time, adding one special piece means more than a lot of haphazard or sloppy ones. Keeping the trimmings minimal places the focus on the bride herself. Try a communal "gift" such as making a card for the guests to sign; it will be something the bride will cherish for years. Take lots of photos during the shower and make an album for her after the party is over – the gesture won't go unappreciated.

The biggest problem with creating decoration for outdoor parties is making sure they withstand the weather. Your party won't last for weeks, but take into effect the day's sun, rain, and wind damage that could spoil your careful planning. Also, making sure your guests are comfortable is more important than protecting the decor: if they aren't comfortable, they won't have fun.


Invest in a temporary gazebo or large umbrellas to shade the party. If it's summer time, provide cans of bug spray. If an unexpected rain shower threatens the joy of the day, the shade you had from the sun will double as protection against water. Be sure the decorations you've put out won't dissolve in the rain and create a mess on your lawn.

Because this might not be the bride or groom's first marriage, avoiding white might be a good alternative to facing or causing embarrassment later. Using pastels is a much better option – it keeps the mood light and beautiful without suggesting anything about the bride and groom's lifestyle. Even if you choose to use white, red is also a wonderful color to incorporate because of its association with romance. It provides a bold accent to keep your decorations interesting.

To make sure your hard work doesn't go to straight into the trash once your guests go home, make sure the centerpiece is something the bride can take home with her. Decorate with things she can use in her new home, such as silverware, crystal, or linens. Also, make sure your guests are able to bring a token with them as well. Giving away miniature flower vases or other goodies leave a good impression of the party and of you as a hostess.

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