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Bridal Shower Clipart and How To Get Creative


There is certainly no shortage of online bridal shower clip art. All you have to do is enter the words in any search engine and at least a few dozen sites will show up with cute and funny pictures, all of which can be used to make creative bridal shower invitations. The best part is that most of this clip art is absolutely free. The way to narrow down your choices is to simply start with the first page and knock out the sites you don’t want to use.

After you find the images you like, you’ll need to save them to your computer. This is very easy to do; just right click on the picture and select the ‘save image as’ option from the pop-up window. Select the folder where you want to save the files and click ‘save’.

After you’ve saved the images to your computer, you’ll want to edit them to fit your needs. To do this, you’ll need to use a software program called, “Paint”. This software becomes loaded onto your computer when you purchase it. If you’re familiar with other graphic software programs, you can use it to change the picture’s size, background colors, add text, cut image, etc. After you’ve edited to the way you like, you’ll be able to use it to your heart’s content.

Once you have the bridal shower clipart on your computer, there are several things you can do with it. You can find many free programs online with instructions to help you make some amazing things with your clipart images.


You must have a printer and the right kind of paper to design your own creative bridal shower invitations. You can visit the HP site to find out more about making iron on transfers. You can use the instructions along with the image of your choice to make napkins, tee shirts, potholders and aprons. Basically, you have the ability to make any and everything that you can iron an image on to.

The bridal shower clipart can also be used to create shower decorations. For instance, if you’re hosting a kitchen-themed shower, you can download pictures of kitchen items and make hang-up decorations with them. You could use these images to make personalized bridal shower invitations.


For instance, if you are planning a lingerie-themed bridal shower, there are several fun ‘toon’ images that can be used for the invites. This will give your guests a hint about the party’s theme. To create your cards, you need to choose the bridal shower clipart you like, relates to the bride or matches the theme of the party and input this image into a blank card.

As you see, there are several uses to clipart to help you create shower decorations bound to catch your guests’ attention.

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