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Say “Thank you” with Bridal Shower Favors



Five Interesting Bridal Shower Party Favors To Give Guests - Article


Being the hostess of a bridal shower can be a very rewarding experience. Giving out bridal shower favors at such occasions is a growing tradition around the world. Favors make a wonderful method of saying “Thank you” to the guests for attending and also thanking them for the gifts they bring for the bride. Favors can also make wonderful keepsakes when chosen to become a part of the decoration for party venue.

As keepsakes, bridal shower favors are much more memorable if they are chosen to match the theme of the bridal shower. For instance, if the theme of the shower is beach related, you should consider giving beach wedding favors as the bridal shower favors. This way you tie the object to the occasion to make it more memorable. Favors are available that would fit into any theme, so matching them to the wedding theme is easy.

Personalization makes bridal shower favors more valuable as keepsakes to remember the occasion by. The easiest way to personalize the items is to add the name of the bride and the date of the shower to each item. You could also have each item individually personalized to the recipient. This way the item could never belong to anyone other than the guest at the party.

There is no requirement that all the favors be chosen to match the theme of the wedding or the shower. In fact, it is recommended that some simple favors be chosen to use as prizes for the games played at the shower as well as some that show off the personality of the bride. These will be the favors most likely to create memories that link the favors to the event, making them wonderful as keepsakes. Price is not even the issue when determining which favors will form these types of links. The thought behind choosing that particular favor is what will make the difference.

Finding favors for your bridal shower and wedding party is easier now than ever before. There are many websites on the internet that offer a huge selection of wedding favors and bridal shower favors. These websites often have a much more varied selection of items and better pricing than retail stores.
Many people think that wedding favors and bridal shower favors are too expensive.


The plain truth is that many favors are not expensive at all. In fact, some favors are available for less than $1.00 per item. If you prefer, you can also purchase materials and create your own unique favors. There is a growing trend toward handcrafted wedding favors. These also make perfect keepsakes and include elements of the bride’s personality in the making of them.

Bridal shower favors are the growing trend in “Thank you” gifts for guests at these parties. They send the message of thanks more strongly than just sending a “Thank you” card to the guests after it is over. These items also make wonderful keepsakes that will remind the guests of the fun they had at this party every time they see them.

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