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Bridal Shower Games and Activities To Play

Are you looking for an exciting array of bridal shower games and activities to entertain your guests? If so, then look no further. Any one of these activities is perfect for your guests to enjoy, young and old.

The Wedding Gown

Your guests will need to be separated into two or three teams and work together to come up with a design that the bride will end up choosing as the best one. The masterpiece will be created out of rolls of toilet paper and scotch tape. Teams get twenty minutes to make these wedding gowns for the bride. Make sure to have some prizes for the winners.

Lose Your Clothespin

Hand each guest a clothespin as they come inside. There are two ways to play this game; you can either play with buzzwords or body postures. If you are playing with buzzwords, select words that relate to the wedding and are likely to be used a lot. These words include: bride, wedding, groom, etc. Each time a guest hears another guest using the buzzword, she can collect the clothespin from the guest. Another way is to choose a body posture you wish to flag such as crossing of the legs. Each times a guests does this action, she must surrender her clothespin.

What Do You Have In Your Purse

Remember the television show, “Let’s Make A Deal”? The game “What Do You Have In Your Purse” is similar to it. Divide your bridal shower guests into two groups and give each team a list that includes some unusual items. The team with the most points wins prize.

Cotton Head

Get a bowl full of cotton balls and a wooden spoon ready. To play the game, call a guest to the center of the room and ask her to sit on the chair. Next, you need to blindfold your guests and then place the bowl and the cotton spoon in front of her. The object is to pile as many cotton balls as you can on your head. The guest with the maximum number of cotton ball on her head wins the game.

Truth or Lie

Have each guest tell the group three things about herself; two truths and a lie. Then have the other guests write down which one is a lie.

Find A Partner

To play this game, get a list of famous romantic couples ready (fictional or actual). It is important that you choose couples your guests will know about. Now write the names down separately on nametags and when guests arrive make sure that every guest has a tag on her back without knowing the name on it. All the guests will go around the party and ask the other guests questions about their identity. Once they figure out their identity, they have to find their better half. The couple to do it in the fastest time gets a prize.

These bridal shower games and activities will help you to make your shower party a memorable affair.

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