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Bridal Shower Games: Six Questions Guests Can Play


When you’re planning a bridal shower, make sure to have some bridal shower games questions that are sure to be a hit with your guests.

Let’s Break The Ice

Let’s Break The Ice is a perfect game to get all the guests acquainted with one another. Coworkers and colleagues are usually invited but do not know the bride’s family and personal friends. Put them at ease with this game.

How Guests Met The Bride

To play this game, guests will need to bring along a small, inexpensive gift that represents how, when and where they first met the bride. For instance, a school friend may bring along a skipping rope to represent the playground where they met. Each guest will place her item in a vase at the door, which the bride will then pick out each item and try to figure out who brought the gift. By the time the vase is empty, lots of personal stories will have been narrated about every guest and how their lives are related.

Potluck Party

Another great bridal shower games questions idea can easily be turned into a potluck party. This game is a variation of the “How the guests met the bride” game but instead of gifts, guests bring food that represents her relationship with the bride. For example, a grade school friend can bring tiny peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that will be reminiscent of the many days spent in the school cafeteria munching on sandwiches.

Choosing Something Blue

Brides often try to stick with the traditional “something blue” idea for their wedding, which leaves them to wonder what they can use. Guests can assist the bride by bringing blue items for her to use. These items can vary but can include jellybeans or blue nail polish. Place all items in a bag or bowl.

Have guests sit in a circle with a blindfold on and have them guess what item is what by feeling. Once through, have guests write down the names of the items that have been guessed. The guest who has the maximum number of correct guesses wins a prize; the blue items can be kept by the bride or be given away as gifts.


Bingo! You Got A Gift

Make sure to have some blank bingo cards on hand for the guests; you can either use ready-made versions or make your own cards on a blank sheet of paper. Every guest will need to write the names of the gifts that they think the bride will receive. As gifts are opened, the items are crossed out. The first guest to get an entire row of crossed out items (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) gets a prize.

20 Bubble Gum Questions

You can be sure that people will want to know how the couple met and other mushy details. A week before the event, have the groom answer a list of questions. Put the answers and the questions on sheets of paper and put them in a bowl. When the bride picks up a gift to open, the guest gets to pick a question from the bowl. The bride has to answer the question before opening her gift. If she gets the answer right, she can open the gift. However, if she gets it wrong, she will have to put a bubble gum in her mouth before opening the gift. The more wrong answers she gets, the fuller her mouth is going to be.

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