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Bridal Shower Party Ideas


When you throw a bridal shower, you know typically for whom the event is for: the bride to be. Bridal showers are a wonderful time for female friends and family of the bride to be to spend time with each other, celebrating the upcoming nuptials. Most bridal shower hostesses are a bride to be' s friend, relative or co-worker.

There are times when a bride to be has more than one bridal shower by these people.

No matter who is in charge of throwing a bridal shower for the bride to be, it' s not an easy feat to pull off. As hostess, there is much to take into consideration. However, if you plan to throw a bridal shower, there are some things that can help you throw the best bridal shower party that guests are sure to remember.

Four Things To Ensure a Successful Bridal Shower Party For The Guests

There are four things that ensure that you, the hostess, throw a successful bridal shower. Without one of these four things, the party could be dull and lifeless; something you don' t want to be remembered as. What are these four things? They are:


- Theme
- Food
- Games
- Gifts


Theme – If you' ve chosen to be the hostess for a bride to be' s bridal shower, it's time to get things together. To help you out, try to come up with a theme for the party. A theme will set the tone for the event. When you have a theme, other items seem to come together quite easily. There are all kinds of themes for you to pick from. You can focus on a particular food, gift, etc. or make it colorful. If you choose to go with a theme, be sure everything you get matches it as much as possible. While it' s not always easy to do, this can be done.


Food – If you settle on using a food theme for your bridal shower theme, you already have this step cleverly taken out of the way. A table can be setup with enjoyable finger foods that can go with the food theme. You can also do a food spread of different kinds of foods that guests are sure to want to try and eat.


Games – It' s always good to have some bridal shower games for guests to enjoy while they converse with other females at the party. Games can be wonderful icebreakers for people who don' t know each other. There are many games you can play that are suitable for anyone of any age. Make sure you have game prizes for guests who win your games. You certainly want enough games to play so be sure to plan for as many as you think you will need. You don' t want your guests bored at the party, where talking is the only fun thing to do.


Gifts – While the majority of bridal showers contain gifts for the bride to be, hostesses should never exclude gifts for the guests. Great gifts for the bride to be include lingerie or kitchenware. However, guests are happy with items of the personalized nature including handbags, soaps, etc. These are often called party favors. There are many items that can be made into a bridal shower party favor.

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