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Choosing Your Wedding Invitations and Bridal Shower Invitations

It is a traditional part of preparing for a wedding to have a bridal shower a few months before the big day. The female friends of the bride come together to play games, have fun together, and give the bride some gifts she may find useful after the vows are taken. One important part of planning the shower, just as in planning the wedding, is getting the written bridal shower invitations sent out.


Ideas for Choosing the Bridal Shower Invitations


Remember when shopping for bridal shower invitations that the shower is first and foremost a party. You want everyone to have fun at this event. Therefore, you do not want to get stiff, formal invitations for the shower. Choose something relaxed, colorful, or even a little crazy to reflect the bride' s personality. When shopping for invitations, the shower is a completely separate event from the wedding.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having your bridal shower invitations reflect the theme you plan to decorate in for the shower. Lacking a theme for the party, you may incorporate elements of a theme that is near and dear to the bride, for instance a beach theme if she likes to spend time on the beach.


The key elements are to include the date, time, where you are having the shower, the name of the bride, and the name(s) of the hostess(es). Include these key elements, and there are no major rules for the invitations that would limit your choices.


Make whatever invitations you choose as beautiful as possible. You do not have to spend a fortune. Just make them look as if you did. Your guests will appreciate the fact you took the time to choose something special and the bride probably frame hers or put it in a scrapbook or photo album as a reminder of the joy you brought her.


Choosing Your Wedding Invitations


There are some important keys to choosing the correct wedding invitations. While these can be extremely formal, extremely casual or anything that falls in between, these keys must be kept in mind. You will want your invitations to reflect some facet of your wedding décor or theme.


For this reason, it is a good idea to have the major parts of the event planned before ordering your invitations. Doing things the other way around can force you to match the wedding to the invitations and end up with something less than your dream day.


Enjoy shopping for your wedding invitations. Planning a wedding is stressful enough without worrying yourself to death over the simple things. Incorporate a bit of your personality in the invitations you choose. Many of the people who receive invitations will put them up as keepsakes, whether they attend or not, making it a very thoughtful touch on your part to make them as personal as possible.


Shopping for and choosing bridal shower invitations or wedding invitations is not difficult. The invitations do not have to break the bank to purchase. The key in both cases is to make them complimentary to the bride and/or her choice of wedding theme and décor.

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