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Fall Bridal Shower Decorations To Spruce Up Your Party


If you really want to make your shower decor look spectacular, go for the best of what Mother Nature has to offer such as the earthy tones, autumn scents, nuts, leaves and flowers. These are enough to enthrall your senses. If you are planning a bridal shower, do consider fall bridal shower decorations to add a classy touch to your shower party. Here are some ideas and tips to get you started.

Use Fall Colors

The most wonderful part about using fall decorations is that the palette of colors is beautiful and vast. These colors are easy to mix and match. From the bright reds and flaming oranges to the more subdued yellows, vibrant greens and earthy browns, all the colors are available in fall decor. Besides you can be sure that if it looks good in nature, it is bound to look good in your shower decoration (as long as it’s put together well).


Texture is another element that you can play with. Match the smooth pumpkins with the rough gourds and the wrinkled leaves with the tiny nutshells; all of these can be used to make a festive looking centerpiece.

Miscellaneous Fall Decorations

As far as the pumpkins are concerned, you can use them in a variety of ways. You could use them as accent pieces around the house or venue or you could line the walkway with them and even place them at the entrance.

For the bookcases and mantels, go for garlands of silk leaves in fall colors; use these to drape the gift table or other focal points.

Using an assortment of nuts in glass bowls will give any place the festive look that you want.

Don’t forget to include branches and twigs in your arrangements. You could tie some of them together for a stand-alone piece. Another option is to use some pinecones; just add some glamour to them with some gold glitter spray or paint.

Don’t forget to use balloons but make sure they are in fall colors and of various sizes. Place them in clusters all over the room or add them to other decorations. Balloons are an inexpensive, easy way to add color and impact.

You need to make sure that the scent in the room is also reminiscent of fall. Look for apple or cinnamon scent potpourri but make sure that the fragrance is not too overpowering.

Bridal Shower Fall Food

Let the food also reflect the theme of your décor; some good food items would be candy and caramel apples. Sit them on a tray as part of the decorations, giving them out later as a party favor.

Fall bridal shower decorations look stunning and are very easy to put together. Go for things that the bride-to-\be would like, sit back and enjoy the party.

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