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Five Interesting Bridal Shower Party Favors To Give Guests


When you decide to become a bridal shower hostess, you know it' s not going to be an easy task to pull off. There are many things you have to take into consideration including the bridal shower party favors. While it isn' t necessary or in the rulebooks that party favors are to be handed out, it' s a way to thank the guests who showed up to support the bride to be.


Always use your imagination when coming up with bridal shower favors. There is so much out there that you can use: so many designs, styles and themes. If you have a theme to the bridal shower, use the theme to help you purchase party favors.

However, be sure you stick in your budget range. You certainly don' t want to go broke throwing a bridal shower for a close friend or relative.  If you still need some help, here are some ideas you can use listed below.


Five Unique Bridal Party Shower Favors


Monogrammed Soaps - If you want to be a successful bridal shower hostess, consider creating monogrammed soaps for party favors. The French milled soaps come in honey and almond scents, packaged in monogrammed boxes, specifically designed for bridal showers.


The box is wrapped in an elegant black bow and sure to be a hit with your guests.  Want to be remembered as a great bridal shower hostess? Then show them how much you are grateful for their attendance by handing out these monogrammed soaps.


Fromage Towels - Want a bridal shower party favors that tricks your guests in the beginning? The fromage towels look good enough to eat but are actually hand towels. Guests will be amazed by this sensible yet interesting party gift.


These are great gifts for a bridal shower that consists of wine and cheese. Fromage towels, which are made up of pure cotton material, come with a fruit shaped magnet. Each fromage towel is individually crafted thus giving it a unique appeal to celebrate and remember the bridal shower.


Love Beyond Measuring Tape - Guests will be grateful for this interesting bridal shower party favor, as it is one they can use at any time. As they look good at the place setting, guests can use Love Beyond measuring tape in their car, at home or wherever they see the need.


The measuring tape comes packaged with sheer white organza pouch that has a matching ribbon made of satin. If you are looking for something a bit unique but useful, then you' ll want to go with Love Beyond measuring tape.


Personalized Lip Butter Favors - With the help of personalized lip butter favors, you are sure to make a great hostess for the bridal shower. Each one is packaged in a clear container with a screw-on lid. Each lip butter favor is rich and smooth and comes in vanilla latte and cucumber melon flavors. Personalize these gifts by placing names and dates on them.


Personalized Tea Tins - You can find personalized tea tins for any number of events such as wedding showers, weddings, baby showers, etc. All you need to do is to pick out a design with the words for the appropriate occasion. 


These are just five of the wonderful bridal shower party gifts you can give guests for attending, there is so much out there that you can get for party favors. Remember, if you need help, do a search online for bridal shower party gifts and choose the ones that will fit your budget and the bridal shower.

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