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Food for the Bridal Shower


One of the most fun things in planning a bridal shower is planning the menu--because let's face it, who doesn't like shower food?

Bridal shower food could be absolutely anything. Everything from pate' to tuna fish can be served. You may plan an extravagant dinner party or a backyard BBQ with all the fixins. There may be appetizers and sandwiches or burgers and fries. When planning a bridal shower the first thing to consider is the bride. Next, we consider the budget and what we have to work with. Lastly, we consider our guests and their individual needs.

The Bride is our first consideration: What does she like and has she suggested, (hinted) at anything particular? Is she a caviar and champagne person? Does she prefer sandwiches and chips with her favorite beverage. If you are the cook, can you make enough for the whole party? Would a caterer be a better way to go? Remember that whatever you may decide that you want to make this a memorable event for the lady you are honoring.

Of course, the bride isn't the only one whose tastes you should consider. True, she's the most important one, but if she likes something that all of the guests are going to hate, then maybe go with her next favorite food, if it's one everyone else can get behind.

Now that we have decided on what types of food would make our bride happy. Let's consider our budget. If we are serving an afternoon tea with appetizers and petit fors the cost could range from ouch to aahh. It all depends on what kind of appetizers we choose.


For example, we could choose chicken wings with several styles of dips and mini shrimp cocktails for the appetizers. Or we could serve shish kabobs with tender steak and exotic vegetables and lobster bites with dipping sauces.


Shop around and ask questions, don't settle for what is available. Find what you want to make your menu special at a price you can live with.

Lastly, we will consider our guests and what they would like and how much they will eat. Our guests along with our bride will have needs that we must meet. There may be food allergies and special diets and a whole shlew of other things that may pop up.


It is this reason why we should be versatile with our choices. We often forget when we plan for others the importance of their comfort. Serving all meat dishes and inviting a vegan is a decision made in poor taste. We want all of our guest to be happy and to enjoy the event that we have planned.

So, If you are ready to throw a shower, take a few deep breaths, then dive right in! Your menu can be a versatile as you are. There is no set rule to shower giving that hinders the thrower from devining

a spread that includes everything she/he desires. Are you still overwhelmed? It is not to late to call a caterer.

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