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Free Printable Bridal Shower Games


If you’ve ever attended or thrown a bridal shower or two, you know that each shower is different and how it comes out is different. Most bridal showers are enjoyable but if you are throwing a bridal shower, you know you’ll need to offer your guests something more than just food, drinks and chatting.

As far as entertainment goes, playing games is always a big hit. For most guests, the games are the favorite part of the event. If you are a talented hostess, make sure that you have a plethora of games at hand that will keep your guests entertained.

There are several creative bridal shower games to choose from. However, one game is a particularly popular and enjoyable; it’s called “Fill in the Blank”. You can find it online and get free printable bridal shower game copies in no time.

“Fill in the blank” is a word-type of game. The concept of it is very simple and when played, it can be a lot of fun. This is how you get started:

You will have to give each guest a copy of a love letter written by the groom to his bride. Now, this free printable bridal shower game sheet has several missing words, which the guests are supposed to fill in. They will have to use the names of fruits and vegetables to fill the blanks. Some are very easy like apple pie while others can pose a problem like prickly pears. Here is an outline to help you get started:
Bridal Shower Letter

Dear_________________( The bride’s name)
I ________to write and inform you just how greatly I _______you! You are, without a doubt, the _______ of my eye. I am utterly ______ about you. You can't be _____ everything I wanted. You're the peak _________! I think you are very _________ (y). If you _________ all, tell me that you’ll be my________ pie. Don’t _______your nose at this letter or me. Even if you believe this sounds ________, don't _________ all my hopes. _______ you somewhat crazy about me as well? The love I have for you can make a _________ crazy. You ______ the door to my ____ and walked right ______. Since we _________ , _________ get to the church quickly! __________ girl and I'll get the ring! l already spoke with your _________ and also asked mom. I think we'll build a great _______ together. We are like two _____ in a _______. If you choose not to have me, I'll be at the river and ________ in.

_________ Yours, (groom's name)

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