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Fun & Games for Your Bridal Shower


Looking for some fun, unique things to do at the upcoming bridal shower? Here are several activities that are sure to add something different that everyone will enjoy.

1) Candy Bar Poems. In this game, the party's hostess puts a a bunch of items on a tray. She then covers it with a blanket or towel. Then divide everyone into three or four groups. Show the tray's contents to each group one at a time. The groups each get just 30 seconds to remember as many items s possible. The group then writes a poem about the groom and bride using the items they remember from the tray. The winning group is the one who uses the most correct items.

2) Yarn Toss. Hand each person a ball of yarn, and each person cuts off one piece. It can be any length, but do not tell them what it's for. Now tell everyone to walk around and mingle with others. As they talk, they are to wrap the yarn around a finger. When it's completely wrapped, the guests are to move to the next person.

3) Wishing Well. Make a "well" out of a deep basket which you've decorated with the couple's wedding colors. Each person should bring an item with them for the bride to place in the "well." This should be a small item that will come in handy, such as a can opener, pens, notepads, staple remover, etc. Each person should also write a short note of good wishes and attach it to the item, before placing it in the "well."

4) Speaking of notes, spend some time making thank-you notes for the bride to send to wedding guests and especially those who buy gifts. The couple is usually so swamped that they don't have enough time for this, so it's a nice gesture when her friends help with this.

5) "She Said." Two guests should write down anything the future bride says as she's opening her gifts. When she's done with the gifts, one of the writers says, "This is what Jill will say on the night of the wedding," then she reads everything that the future bride had said.

6) Penny For Your Thoughts. Each guest is given a handful of pennies. Each guest then takes turns naming something which they've never done. If one of the other guests has done that before, the guest puts a penny in a jar. The fun part comes because often guests learn what they have in common with other guests.

7) Lip Stick. In this activity, you place an enlarged photo of the future groom on a wall. Each guest takes turn wearing a blindfold. Attached to the blindfold is a pair of cut-out lips and tape. The person with the blindfold is spun around and must then try to stick the lips on the future groom's picture.

8) Walk the Bride. For this one, you should have the upcoming bride put on an apron and walk through all the guests. You should pin 25 or 30 and unusual things on the apron. The guests must pay attention to the bride while she walks around. She leaves the room, and then the group is asked several questions. However, you ask questions about the bride--which catches everyone off-guard, because they're expecting you to ask about the items pinned to her.

These are just a few fun activities, but one or two of these will serve to make your shower one of the more memorable events of the guests' year.

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